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July 3, 2013

10 of the Best: Rambo Moments

All four Rambo movies are awesome and really defined Stallone as THE greatest action star of all time.

The most recent entry Rambo from 2008 updated the character to modern day where he takes on the Burmese army and I haven’t seen such carnage on screen in a long time… if ever.

There are many moments in all four films that are awesome but I am going to go over my personal 10 favourites of the series.





10) First Blood: Prison Escape. All they want to do is give Rambo a shave but it gives Rambo ‘Nam flashbacks which results in him kicking the shit out the the entire police force and escaping on a motorbike with Goldmith’s heroic theme used to full effect.

9) First Blood: Part II: Bad guys can’t aim. I love this scene because the evil Vietnamese guy unloads several rounds at Rambo who is just too badass to get shot. So he very slowly takes out his rad exploding arrows and waits for about 45 minutes before firing it and blowing up the bad guy in spectacular fashion. He then uses his exploding arrows to wreak hell on the villains.

8) Rambo III: “It turns blue!” Not an action scene but just a silly scene which adds a bit of humour to proceedings. It’s such a simple line but it just works nicely. Stallone’s dry delivery gets me every time.

7) First Blood: Part II – Helicopter Assault: After escaping from torture Rambo eventually commandeers a Russian helicopter which he uses to blow the Commies to absolute shit. ‘Splosions aplenty ensue and Rambo takes out the Russian villain with a rocket launcher. USA USA USA!

6) Rambo III: A bad guy being hung and then blown up by a grenade. You know the scene I’m talking about and it’s awesome. Rambo is having a climactic fight with a villain over a pit (as you do) and Rambo takes out a pin from a grenade which is attached to said villain. The bad guy is then hung and then explodes. Can’t imagine why he wasn’t in part 4…

5) First Blood – “Nothing is Over!”: In arguably the most moving scene of the series, Rambo faces either certain death or a long prison sentence so he talks to his trusty Colonel Trautman about how he was treated coming back from Vietnam; rather than a heroes welcome he was spat on and called a baby killer. Rambo feels like he has no country anymore and is completely lost. He breaks down in tears and then surrenders to the police.

4) Rambo 2008: Throat Rip – Pretty simple really; Julie Benz is about to get raped by one of the evil Burmese soldiers when Rambo saves the day by ripping the bad guy’s throat out. That’ll learn em!

3) First Blood – “Don’t push it, or I’ll give you a war you wouldn’t believe!” This is not an idle threat from Rambo as he comes face to face with Sheriff Teasle who won’t stop chasing after him. In this scene Rambo is a pretty scary force of nature and if I were Teasle I’d head off to Moes and forget I ever saw the Vietnam Vet.

2)First Blood: Part II – Escape from Torture – “Murdoch, I’m comin’ to get you!” This scene gives me chills every time as Jerry Goldsmith’s triumphant score kicks in to high gear and Rambo escapes from his Commie captors, giving out the only justice he understands… bullets and arrows. Until 2008 this was absolutely my favourite scene as Rambo is everything an action hero should be.

1) Rambo 2008: The final battle- As previously mentioned this scene is one of the best executed and brutal action scenes of recent time with exploding heads galore; Rambo decapitating a bad guy and using a canon to destroy the evil Burmese army is a sight to behold.

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