July 24, 2013

2015: The Biggest Year in Movie History?

2015 really has some (potentially) fantastic movies coming out and I think it will be the biggest year in box office history.

First off there is Marvel’s Avengers follow up Age of Ultron which will no doubt be as huge as the first movie. It’s pretty much guaranteed to make 1 billion at the box office simply due to the success of the original. Rumour has it Vin Diesel may well be playing the villainous Ultron in the superhero sequel and considering his recent success with the Fast and Furious movies, it certainly won’t hurt this movie’s bank balance.

Then we have the OTHER big superhero movie, which is the one I’m looking forward to the most. After years of fanboy fantasies wondering if we’d ever see these two titans on screen together, we are finally getting a Batman & Superman movie. This will be a sequel to Man of Steel and will once again be directed by Zack Snyder. If this doesn’t make over $1 Billion I will eat my underpants. Speculation is rampant just now about who will play the Caped Crusader and with Christian Bale stating that he is no interest in reprising his ole as Batman, the floor is open to anyone. I think Animal from The Muppets should play him but what do I know?

There’s also a little known indie movie called Star Wars: Episode VII which is arguably my most anticipated movie of all time… yes, moreso than the Prequels but hopefully less disappointing. J J Abrams is directing the new Disney film and we all have our fingers crossed that we can finally get the Star Wars movie we’ve been waiting for.

Bond is Back! After the hilariously successful Skyfall decimated the box office last year, director Sam Mendes is now returning to see if he can work the same magic once more. I personally wasn’t a fan of the last movie and want a more fun story, but apparently the rest of the world disagrees. Either way I am a HUGE Bond fan and will be there opening night.

James Cameron feels blue once again as we return to Pandora for Avatar 2. The first movie made more money than God so a follow up was inevitable. I think the sequel has great potential because the story will have to be better. We’ve already seen all the 3D and special effects in the first movie so it’s all about script, characters and plot this time… and ‘splosions.

It’s funny I’ve just noticed that pretty much every one of these movies is a sequel but that’s the age we live in, I guess. Besides they’re sequels to awesome movies so who cares?

There is also Terminator 5 with Arnie penned to return and possibly battle Dwayne Johnson. I love the sound of it but have no idea how they can make it work considering how old Ahnuld is now. He’d maybe have to play a human or something….

Bizarrely we are also getting a belated sequel to Independence Day without Will Smith but maybe with Jeff Goldblum. I really don’t understand why they are doing this now so long after the original movie was out. Does anybody really want to see this movie? The world was pretty much destroyed in the last one so are we just going to get more of the same? As a fan of the first, I will check it out but I remain skeptical until I see some footage.

There will also be the finale to The Hunger Games Saga: Mockingjay Part 2 which will be another monster hit, considering how huge the first movie was… despite being crap.

Other potential movies include Jurassic Park IV, Mission: Impossible 5, Prometheus 2, Finding Dory and more guaranteeing that 2015 will be a year to remember.

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Eoin Friel
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