July 5, 2013

Friday Fight: Man of Steel vs. Iron Man 3

This week’s Friday Fight is between two of this year’s biggest blockbusters: Man of Steel and Iron Man 3.

Both movies have been huge hits although it looks like Iron Man 3 will certainly win that battle. But is it the better film? Let the games begin!

Contains MAJOR spoilers!



Iron Man 3

I actually gave this movie a better review than it deserved; it’s not a terrible movie but it had some really annoying flaws which really bugged me. But we’ll get to that. Let’s go over the good first; well, Robert Downey just IS Iron Man/Tony Stark. He embodies the character perfectly and despite sometimes coming off as an ass (especially with women) he is overall a good person.

The Iron Man suit is one of the coolest of all time and we get to see many variations of it throughout the movie, especially in the explosive climax. The movie also has Guy Pearce as the main villain… not Ben Kingsley, but we’ll get to that.

Brian Tyler also provides one of the best super hero scores in many years. The assault on Stark’s house is spectacular to say the least and the special effects all round are impressive. There were some choice one-liners as you’d expect from Shane Black although some of the humour fell a bit flat.

So that’s the good, but what about the bad? OK, I’ll just get to the point right now. The Mandarin, that was the DUMBEST twist of ALL time! It’s hyped up that Ben Kingsley is going to be this great modern terrorist style bad guy and that would have been awesome but whenever we find out he’s an actor who is portrayed using tedious British stereotypes I was so mad. It’s like watching a Batman film and the Joker taking off his make-up and saying “Haha got ya! I’m not really the Joker, just some asshole insulting your intelligence!”

I also hated that Stark rarely wore the Iron Man armour and we kept getting the remote control armour which was cool at first but then took away any sort of drama. Oh and Pepper Potts actually killing the bad guy, so Tony didn’t actually need to do anything was lame too.

I actually expected to hate the kid more than I did but I’ve seen a lot worse, so I’ll let him off… for now.

Man of Steel

On my first viewing I really wasn’t sure what to make of this movie; it was so different from what has come before that it came as such a shock to me. No Christopher Reeve, No John Williams theme, it was a lot to take it. So when I went to see it a second time I made peace with it being so different and had an absolute blast. I now LOVE this new music by Hans Zimmer (not as much as Williams but it’s still good) and the tracks Flight and What Will You Do When You’re Not Saving the World are frankly classic.

Although he doesn’t really do much other than punch things, Henry Cavill really is an excellent Superman; the costume looks cooler than ever and it’s the first time it actually looks like a truly awesome outfit. Michael Shannon rocked as Zod making him very different from Terence Stamp. This time Zod doesn’t want everyone to kneel before him, he just wants to continue his race, making him rather sympathetic.

Russell Crowe owns the movie as Jor-El who just comes across as a good man trying to do what is best for his family. You almost want him to just join Zod to save his people.

When Superman flies for the first time, you feel like you are right there with him and it’s incredibly exhilerating. Admittedly there is far too much CGI overload in the finale, which does make me lose interest because of my sheer hatred for the technology, but there is no doubt that the action is spectacular.

A lot of people find the ending “controversial” because of Zod being killed but Supes was in a desperate situation and there was nothing else he could do. Besides he screams out in emotional agony after it and this will mean that he will never kill again.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the colour drain technique which makes it look a little lifeless and lacking colour/warmth but hopefully with the sequel they can just film it normally and give us great action but also great characters.


For me it’s easily Man of Steel; where Iron Man 3 pissed me off on a number of levels, MoS only had niggly things which bothered me. Will I ever love it as much as the Reeve movies? No but it’s a great film in its own right and is one of the most spectacular movies of the year. Frankly, if Marvel’s Phase 2 continues like Iron Man 3, this doesn’t bode well at all.


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