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August 1, 2013

10 Fictional Movie Items That Need to Be Real!

There are so many things that happen in movies where you think “man, I wish I had one of those!”

I’ve managed to narrow my personal favourites to 10 but there are so many more which I am forgetting.







1. The Lightsaber: Seriously, I’ve waited all of my 35 years for someone to invent a real lightsaber and we still don’t have them. Hell, I’d even settle for Force lightning and yet… nothing. Come on science guys, never mind trying to cure diseases, hurry up and create the lightsaber and do something truly worthwhile.






2. Hover boards: OK, we are nearing 2015 and we still don’t have hover boards or even self drying jackets, what gives? I blame the government; holding us back from our hovering needs to keep the oil companies going… think about it, you know it’s true.







3. Actually speaking of Back to the Future, where the Hell is my time travelling Delorean? Where are flying cars in general?







4. Dinosaurs: Mosquitoes are only here on Earth for 2 reasons: to piss people off and bring back dinosaurs. At least that’s the idea and yet, I dunno about you guys but my back yard is a dinosaur free zone. Imagine, rather than having to sit on a bus with smelly people, you could ride to work on your own Pterodactyl or Brontosaurus… armed with lasers obviously. I know Dinosaurs aren’t fictitious but they aren’t around today so it still counts.






5. Transporter: Not the Jason Statham kind, although I’m sure that would be handy, but the one from Star Trek. I’m sick of having to drive places and I don’t have my own dinosaur, so I want to beam where ever I want. So come on Scotty, get your ass in gear and beam me up.







6. The Matrix: Let’s face it, reality is boring so I’d like somewhere where I could be the perfect version of myself, know tons of kung fu and dodge bullets like it’s a fashion statement. Although I don’t really want to put up with the post apocalyptic future run by machines, I’d take it if it meant I could kick some ass and wear shades at night.






7. The Neuralyzer: If there’s one thing I like about the Men in Black movies it’s this nifty item which makes people forget what they just saw. Imagine if you’ve just asked a girl out and she ends up humiliating you, you could just press the button and it would all be forgotten. Or you could use it on bank staff after you’ve robbed them, not that I am advocating such behaviour… but it would be handy.






8. The 3 Sea Shells: Yes, I know sea shells exist but if you’ve seen Demolition Man then you know what I’m talking about. I’m tired of using ordinary toilet role like a communist; I wanna be a sophisticate and use the sea shells. More importantly I wanna know how you use them without getting a rash.







9. The Invisibility Cloak: This one is not only for perverts everywhere, but frankly it could have a million uses like… spying on your enemies or… being a pervert. Let’s face it we all would. And the good news is it is apparently one step closer to becoming a reality…






10. Cloud House: One of my favourite things from Tom Cruise’s Oblivion was the house in the clouds, it even has a fabulous swimming pool with great aerial views of the surrounding area. The best thing about it? No neighbours.



So those are my fictitious items that need to be real; what are yours?



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Eoin Friel
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