August 26, 2013

Linda Hamilton Chats About Terminator 2

At the FanExpo this week I got to briefly chat with Sarah Connor herself about which version she prefers of James Cameron’s’ Magnum Opus, Terminator 2: Judgment Day.

I prefer the theatrical version; I wasn’t a fan of the make-up in the Extended Cut with the alternate ending where I’m sitting in the park. I liked how the Theatrical Cut is more subtle. Jim Cameron just knows how to cut a movie and I think leaving more to the imagination works better. He really is a master at what he does.”

When we suggested that she deserved an Oscar for her stellar performance as Connor, Hamilton merely shrugged it off and said “Coming to these Fan Expos makes it all worthwhile where I get to meet fans; some of them treat me like I’ve saved the world or something”, she joked. We responded “Well… you kinda did.”

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Eoin Friel
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