August 23, 2013

Fan Expo 2013: Max Steel Interview

At the Toronto Fan Expo this weekend you’re in for a high-tech treat; pay a visit to the Max Steel booth and prepare to be blown away by the Max Steel A.P.P augmented reality app.

You can explore a unique virtual reality world and walk through a custom activation space and scan AR trigger points. This will then take you into the world of Max Steel.

You’ll be introduced to our heroes Max and Steel while being guided through a tour of Max’s N-Tek headquarters.

During the tour, you will encounter an unexpected attack by the villainous Elementor. You can also team up and fight off the attack with Max in a first-person target-shooting action game.

Kids of all ages will thoroughly enjoy this pretty ingenious A.P.P. and it’s a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Screenshot of the new A.P.P.

Max Steel APP









We had a quick chat with Max himself about what his powers are, the new A.P.P and more.

P.S. Isn’t my Cobra T-Shirt awesome?

Anyway, check out the synopsis and trailer for the new Max Steel TV Series below.

SERIES SYNOPSIS: Max Steel is an intelligent superhero with a wicked sense of humor. Maxwell McGrath is just an ordinary teen until he starts to generate Turbo Energy, an extraordinary super power that he has trouble controlling. Fortunately, he meets an alien life form named Steel. With Steel’s help Max learns to harness his Turbo Energy and use his powers to battle evil powers and save the world and become the ultimate superhero.


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