August 12, 2013

Trailer for Pakistani Movie Waar Brings Some Epic Action

Waar is being tipped as one of the biggest movies in the history of Pakistan and it’s easy to understand why; the action looks spectacular and it has “EPIC” written all over it.

According to The Guardian, Waar is inspired by real events such as a Muslim extremist assault on a Pakistani police academy in 2009; the film follows a team of anti-terrorist police officers who, with time running out, try to stop a new attack.

The movie has been in development for a few years and there were articles about it as far back as 2011 but as yet it hasn’t received a full release.

Director Bilal Lashari studied Motion Pictures and Television in San Francisco; he won ‘Best Music Video Director’ at the Lux Style Awards and ‘Best Pop Video’ at the MTV Pakistan Music Video Awards for “Sajni”. He has also directed the popular video “Chal Bulleya” for Meekal Hassan Band.

I hope we get a cinematic release in North America for this movie as world cinema is always refreshing for a different perspective on things.


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Eoin Friel
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