September 3, 2013

Trailer for Western Retribution of the Wolf

We were contacted by Paul Wolverton about his upcoming actioner/Western Retribution of the Wolf and it’s looking pretty awesome so far. I’ve always been a huge fan of Westerns and this one looks like it’ll have quite the bodycount too.

SYNOPSIS: RETRIBUTION OF THE WOLF is an action-packed Western filled with gunfights and hand to hand combat. It is the story of Lloyd Wolf, leader of an outlaw gang called The Pack. He and his men have been stealing Colonel Backer’s shipments of gold which are being illegally mined from Indian territory. Kid Red convinces the other members of The Pack, except for one, to turn on Lloyd. The result is a beating that leaves Lloyd clinging to life. He is found by Colonel Backer and nursed back to health by Emma, widow of a famous gunfighter. The Colonel presents Lloyd with the opportunity to seek vengeance on his former gang. He accepts the offer and turns into a violent wave of retribution leaving nothing but death and destruction in his wake. At the end however, the real payback is not what the audience expected. R.O.T.W. is like Die Hard meets The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly.

Starring: Paul Wolverton, Rickey Bird, Jason Sanders,Coryn McBride, Kristi Wolverton, Cameron Bolles, Marc Kapetan, Brett Sakamoto, Jimmy Bunting, Larry Okumoto, Michael Galland, Don Myers
Directed by: Paul Wolverton and Rickey Bird
Written By:  Paul Wolverton





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