September 6, 2013

What Was Your Fave Flick of The Summer?

Yes, it’s that time where, as we gaze at Labour Day in the rear view window, we pause to reflect on which movies made the grade this season.  Well, I do anyway.

Was 2013 a classic Summer season?  Not by a long shot.  There is the usual clutter of animated pre-teen fodder – Despicable Me 2, Monsters University…all well and good, but they don’t belong in this dojo.  We want ‘Splosions and body count.  Thankfully, there was enough to keep us action fans happy this year.

The Lone Ranger was the Big Fail in 2013.  Monstrous budget, but why would a film about a character that only senior citizens remember fail?  I guess that answers itself.  According to the excellent, it has grossed $239 million worldwide.  That is no disaster by any reckoning, until you factor in the production budget of well in excess of $200 million.  Now that’s GOTTA hurt…

Iron Man 3 was the biggest success this summer.  Why?  No really, why?   I enjoyed this flick, but it grossed $1.2 billion globally. It is the fifth biggest grossing film of all time.  Yet, Iron Man was hardly in it, and the Mandarin story line was just plain stupid.  But guess what, expect more of this, kids, ‘cause $1.2 billion makes the Hollywood suits happy.

Anyway, here is a rundown of my top 5 films of Summer 2013.  Agree?  Disagree?

                               Worldwide Gross    Ed’s Take

5.  2 Guns                $73,622,695            Wahlberg and Denzel bring back the buddy sub-genre.  Funny, with great action set pieces. 

4.  Fast & Furious 6 $787,475,730         Vin, Paul Walker and the gang kill it again.  And, there is THAT post-credits sequence…

3.  Pacific Rim         $404,823,807          Del Toro clearly shot a lot of action scenes at night to make the CG look better.  Who cares?  Still bloody awesome, though.

2.  Elysium              $178,825,550          Matt Damon making another film with not very subtle political undertones?  Should have been a yawnfest.  Not this time.

1.  Man of Steel      $657,769,852          Divided audiences, and did not fare quite as well as Warner Bros. hoped.  But really, nobody can argue with those box office numbers.


Elysium was just a fantastic adrenaline rush.  Blomkamp is a fearlessly innovative filmmaker, and Damon gave one of his best performances.  A relevant premise dealing with the issues facing America today, but this sci-fi story resonates with anyone anywhere who cares about the human race’s future.

Overall, I found Man of Steel to be the most satisfying summer film.  Hans Zimmer’s soundtrack is exhilarating and uplifting.  The action sequences were brilliantly shot and edited, and the cast was universally superb.  The use of flashback brought freshness to an origin story that nearly everybody knew already.  But, come on Clark, lighten up a little, will ya?  You’re a superhero.  This isn’t Tolstoy.  More humour in the sequel with Batman, please.

Source: Box Office Mojo

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Action movies are a heightened version of life. They are wish fulfillment fantasies realized. I have loved this genre since I was a kid. I feel sorry for all the critics who look down on this visual, visceral genre. They just don't GET it!! Let's keep Action alive!



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