September 13, 2013

Where the Hell is Michael Mann?

Michael Mann has been one of my favourite directors for many years; Heat, Collateral and The Last of the Mohicans are all classics and that’s only a select few of his movies.
Even his average fare like Public Enemies or Miami Vice are worth watching simply from a technical standpoint.
Collateral is my personal favourite movie of his; Tom Cruise has never been better than ice-cool killer Vincent. He really suits the grey hair and you also get the bonus of Jason Statham in the opening scene!
Mann always chooses his music carefully and Heat uses some fantastic tunes, really creating the atmosphere for the movie. It also has one of the all-time great casts including Robert De Niro & Al Pacino.

Miami Vice looked fantastic, especially the aerial shots, even despite the film’s pretty rotten dialogue.

But my question is, where has the auteur gone? The last movie I saw of his was the aforementioned Public Enemies with Johnny Depp & Christian Bale and since then… nothing.

All has been quiet but now finally, he is working on a new project, with Thor himself no less. Chris Hemsworth stars in  Cyber, which is due out in 2014. The plot is about American and Chinese forces working together on a case of high-level computer hacking.
I can already tell this will look fantastic and I can’t wait for a trailer. Mann has been far too quiet for the past few years and like Paul Verhoeven and John Woo, I want to see him directing more Hollywood features.
He is too much of a talent to not get excited about, so I will be there opening weekend to watch Cyber in 2014.

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
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