October 3, 2013

Action Movie Music – “Shakedown” From Beverly Hills Cop II

You know, I love the 80’s! It had cool action movies, the best soundtracks, and of course Eddie Murphy when he made good films.  Seems so long ago, doesn’t it? Kinda depressing!

To brighten up our  nostalgic spirits though, how about a ditty from the 1987 soundtrack to Beverly Hills Cop II? A track that not only set the film off on the right foot, but one that made your head nod, and sing along.

“Shakedown” by Bob Seger baby! A killer tune, and a 4 min reminder of just how cool the 80’s really were! Just put on those ray ban sunglasses,  and turn up the volume! It’s time to go deep, deep, deeeeeep……. undercover.



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