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October 11, 2013

Godzilla 2014: Hit or Miss?

One of The Action Elite’s fans Luis Lopez asked what we thought about the new Godzilla movie and if we’d write about it. As we never like to disappoint, here are my thoughts on the impending monster mash-up.

Personally I can’t wait; the teaser trailer that was released last week got me pumped for the movie and it has a real sense of scale with some quality looking devastation.

I also like the idea that we are getting to see multiple monsters in it so it looks like it may be more like the classic Toho Godzilla, rather than the disappointing 1998 movie.

Director Gareth Edwards did a great job with the 2012 movie Monsters so he has experience in this arena which gives me confidence that he’ll make something special.

I am a little nervous though; as much as I loved Pacific Rim, it really didn’t explode at the box office which makes me wonder if the audience for giant monster movies is minimal.

The biggest flaw of Pacific Rim was the fact that all of the action took place at night so it was difficult to see what was going on and it’s a valid complaint. Hopefully Godzilla will have plenty of daytime action and we get to see him stomp some cities good and proper.

Also, I want the final shot to be Godzilla walking back into the ocean… until the next time he is needed.

So what do you kids think? Will you check it out? Do you not care? Have you ever seen Batman and Bruce Wayne in the same room?


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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
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