October 9, 2013

Jeff Wincott: The Best Batman That Never Was

Jeff Wincott as Batman

Maybe it’s the booze talking, but upon recent viewings of Martial Outlaw, Open Fire, Mission of Justice and several other Jeff Wincott movies, I thought he would have played the perfect Dark Knight once upon a time.

He actually has a similar facial structure to Christian Bale and his jaw line would be perfect to play The Caped Crusader.

He had the deep voice with just the right amount of a growl to pull the role off perfectly. Let’s not forget his pretty damn impressive martial arts skills too, so the action scenes could have been pretty spectacular.  

Like I said about the idea of Scott Adkins playing Batman, I still want to see a Batman movie with some decent fight scenes where we get to see him impressively kick some ass. With Wincott in the role, we could have seen something special.

This probably would only have worked in the 90’s as he may be a bit old to play the role now, but if they ever did a live action adaptation of The Dark Knight Returns, he would be a great older Batman/Bruce Wayne.

I’m pretty sure the Man of Steel sequel is already doing that though, with Ben Affleck in the role instead.

These are just the drunken ravings of a mad Scotsman but I still think Wincott would have been a great Batman and he remains an underrated action star.

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Eoin Friel
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