October 12, 2013

Mano-A-Mano: Sylvester Stallone Vs. Jason Momoa – “Bullet To The Head”

Usually at the end of every action film, the hero fights the villain in a mano-a-mano fight. A one on one battle to the death.  Two men enter, and one man leaves. Ok, ok ….you get the idea. You have seen the fist fight. The martial arts fight. You have even seen the sword fight, but it is a rarity that an action film delivers a fight that we have never seen before. I give you…….the fire axe fight!

From earlier this year, Stallone faced off against Jason Momoa in Walter Hill’s Bullet to the Head, which ended with a fast paced, hard hitting, and very entertaining fight with fire axes being the weapon of choice for the final confrontation. As much as I absolutely love Stallone, I was blown away by Momoa’s performance in the film, and this ending fight was his moment . He flung that axe around like it was a friggin rubber toy, and no matter what the script called for, you absolutely believed that he could destroy Stallone.

I am not going to lie, I was honestly pissed off that nobody supported this film and seen how good the film turned out to be. The fight choreography is so well done here. I mean, do you realize how hard it would be to create an axe fight, and make it as real, and believable as possible? It was even an original idea, which is such a breath of fresh air nowadays.

Unfortunately, even though the actual fight is awesome in a can, it does come with one tiny drawback.  He is eventually killed not by Stallone in the fight, but by Sung Kang by firing a shot at his head from a far. Why get involved when my man Sly has the situation under control?  That was a pussy move, and I wish it was not in the film. It just felt like a way to get Kang’s character involved in the final fight, which felt cheap. Momoa’s character should have ultimately died at the hands of Stallone with no interference. Other than that though, the fight was definitely a highlight of 2013, and one that will not be forgotten, and hard to top.





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