October 21, 2013

Matthias Hues’ Upcoming Schedule

Matthias Hues (Mission of Justice, Death Match and more) is one of The Action Elite’s favourite action stars; known mostly for playing villains, in reality he is in fact a complete gentleman.

His company Off Grid Pictures have several movies coming up and we have details below.





The first is called Sleeper: Deadly Recall and the plot as as follows:

SYNOPSIS: Sarah, an American Sleeper agent is sent to Europe to retrieve officially lost CIA Intel. Unbeknownst to Sarah she has been active in Europe on and off since the cold war. Each time she is sent back under hypnosis and with different identities, of which she later has no recollection.
The current mission is a one way ticket as CIA field agent Howard Stone intends to rid the CIA of all Sleeper agents, as in some cases the memory is starting to break through and national security is at risk. Alexander Krauss, a burned out CIA agent at the end of his career is assigned to bring Sarah to Europe for her last mission, posing as her fake husband.
Once activated Sarah becomes a deadly killing machine and does not recognize Alexander Krauss, who turns rogue once he realizes she has been set up. She is ordered to kill him as he desperately tries to save her from an invariable death sentence upheld by the CIA.


Next up is Shadow Affairs: Broken Identity

SYNOPSIS: Mark Anderson, a decorated US elite sniper in Iraq signs up for one last tour against the plea of his pregnant wife Diane, a CIA field agent stationed in Uzbekistan. Then just before he can return to Iraq they lose their unborn child in a tragic car accident.  Anderson falls apart. Enlists for one final tour in Iraq while his wife returns to the states heartbroken.

During a routine traffic stop in Iraq Anderson mistakes four civilians for insurgents, killing them at a check-point. Once discharged, he drinks his life away in Central Asia not able to face his wife in the states who has filed for divorce.
A former private security agency deployed from Iraq hires Anderson for a CIA covert sniper job at the Afghanistan Border.  With nothing to lose he goes on a death-defying mission, and one he is not supposed to survive.   Set up as part of a political chess game he becomes the most hunted man in the region. Anderson is forced to erase his identity and disappears in the safety of the desolate Azerbaijan Mountains.
It is then when Anderson finally finds peace, a new love and converts to Muslim.
But soon his new life is interrupted as the CIA picks up his trail. With a new child on the way and a beautiful Azerbaijan Muslim wife, his hidden identity becomes threatened. With no way out he agrees to work undercover for the CIA in all of Central Asia as a central informer and V man.
Anderson turns into one of the most prolific crime lords in Central Asia covered by the CIA with the mission to infuse cash into the security force in Afghanistan who is willing to fight Al-Qaeda.
A new scandal in Washington occurs when the CIA’s cash operation is blown wide open and becomes the headline news all around the world.  Walker, the CIA field officer in charge of central affairs in Asia, has no choice but to cut Anderson loose and make him the fall guy for the cash operation and the undercover drug dealing.  In order to make it a believable manhunt Walker assigns Anderson’s ex wife Diane to the case and secretly orders both to be murdered by local security Insurgents and Russian Weapon dealers.
Once more, Anderson finds himself hunted again by his own country and now by his former wife Diane the CIA’S  leading field agent.

The Bodyguard: Last Call

SYNOPSIS: Cooper, a former heavy weight Boxing champion and retired Body Guard for the US president faces what could be a fatal brain tumor, which forces Cooper and Grace to sell their dream house in Bali, leave paradise behind and travel to Europe with their life savings to undergo surgery and treatment.
Their last week of enjoying what possibly could be their last moments together Grace is kidnapped at a trucker’s autobahn rest stop.
The race around the clock starts for Cooper to free his wife from a notorious group of gangsters praying on traveling couples stopping at the Autobahn.  Once Grace  is kidnapped two cops, Hank and Walter offer their help to a desperate Cooper, but in fact they are the ones who run  the criminal organization. One which ends up in extortion and murder once the ransom money is in place.
But this time they snatched a woman from the wrong man. Cooper does what he does best. Eliminates everything in his way to get his wife back alive. There is only one thing that can stop him. His brain tumor.

The Children of Abaddon – Angels of Destruction

SYNOPSIS: High school kids by day and hit-men by night, a centuries old tight family business of ‘ridding the world of evil’ keeps twin sisters and their three siblings separated from the real world they so desperately want to be a part of.When one of the sisters falls in love with a troubled boy at school all hell breaks loose and the family clan orders him killed after he accidentally uncovers the family secret, which threatens to tear the family apart.“The Children of Abaddon – Angels of Destruction”, is a coming of age story with young outsiders trying to mix in with the regulars just to find out that both worlds don’t mix.


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