October 6, 2013

Trailer: Gnomercy

I’ve often wondered why there aren’t more movies about killer gnomes, haven’t you? Sure you have, don’t lie. And stop looking at me like that.

Anyway, one of our biggest supporters Mark White wrote the upcoming movie so I thought I would share this rather hilarious teaser trailer.

Here’s a plot description too:
Many years ago, in the land we now know as Northern Europe, stood a castle. This was no ordinary castle, for it belonged to a powerful Count.

Although the Count was a strict ruler who was known for stern punishment, he would on occasion invite some of his subjects to banquets in order to celebrate all that he and his people have accomplished.

While hosting a gala for dignitaries from across the land, one guest commented on how wonderfully kept the Count’s grounds were.

Being an appreciative man, the Count invited his groundskeeper to a feast. This was quite the honour, as the only people attending this dinner were members on the Count’s innermost circle.

The groundskeeper was overwhelmed by all that was before him. He had never seen such a combination of food and drink. However, the feast was not the only thing that had grabbed the attention of the groundskeeper. He was also enamoured by the Count’s young daughter.

The Count’s daughter took a liking to the groundskeeper, and met with him on numerous occasions to share in their newfound love. These meetings had to take place in private, as the Count’s daughter could never have relations with a commoner.

Upon discovering of the relationship between his dear daughter and the lowly groundskeeper, the Count ordered his high Templar to cast a spell on the man his daughter so dearly cherished.

As a sign of appreciation for all the work the groundskeeper had performed over his countless years of service and the Count’s love for his daughter, the Count allowed for one last embrace between the two lovers. Just as the groundskeeper was turned to stone, the Count’s daughter placed a hat on his head and gave him one last kiss.

The now shrunken groundskeeper was taken away from the castle to never be seen again.

Until now…

Directed by Colin Jeffrey and Mark White
Written By Mark White
Screenplay by Mark White


Check out the trailer below.

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