November 17, 2013

Donnie Yen Talks About the Troubles with Special ID

The new Donnie Yen movie special ID has had a mixed reception; it sounds like Donnie Yen is also not satisfied with the final product either. The production had all sorts of problems which Yen recently discussed with Twitch Film. You can check out an excerpt below or go right over to Twitch and read the full interview.

“You’re here to show SPECIAL ID.  I was surprised at the hard-hitting quality of the fighting.

DY:  Yeah, it’s very hardcore.  I think in many areas of the film, it could be a lot more solid.  This film – I was also the producer – went through many, many problems, many obstacles.  It’s very difficult to put a film together nowadays, especially with these types of subjects.  As China is a very powerful growing market for filmmaking and we’re talking advantage of it; especially for someone like myself who was based in Hong Kong filmmaking, this type of material with violence and gangsters and undercover cops, it’s quite sensitive in China.  The bright side is the policy is opening up.  There’s quite a few swearing in Cantonese in this film and this is something that I thought that they would be cut out, but they embraced it.  It allows artists like myself to be artistic on that level and you can feel that’s where the future is going.  But at the same time, there’s a lot of areas where they can be more professional about it, they cut out a couple of scenes here and there.  I think the overall story would be a lot better if they didn’t cut it out, particularly with the development between my character and my mother. 

See, that was the area where it didn’t really make sense because everybody was asking, ‘What’s up with the mother?’  I’ll tell you the backstory, I’ll tell you the stuff that they cut out was she had a problem; she had depression.  So there’s a scene where I’m having dinner and she’s just crying hysterically and I say, “What’s the matter? Whoever took advantage of you in the market, I’m gonna go and give them a whipping.”  She says, “No, I don’t know why I’m crying.”  It’s because my father left us and because of that it still comes back to her.  So I tell her “Why don’t you hang out with me?” and they go to the bar.  That’s why there’s the scenes where they’re drinking and he says, “I’m taking care of you. You think you’ve been taking care of me? I’ve been looking after you.”  Those are the scenes that they cut out, so the development of the mother and son didn’t make much sense.  So here and there I thought the whole movie overall could’ve be a lot more solid in terms of fully developing the characters.  That’s the unfortunate thing, that’s something I have to cope with.”

Source: Twitch Film


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