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November 13, 2013

I, Frankenstein: Hit or Miss?

In case you haven’t seen the trailer or (rather cool) posters for the movie, the plot for I, Frankenstein is as follows: Frankenstein’s monster Adam (Aaron Eckhart) gets swept up in a long-running battle between powerful gargoyles and infernal demons who seek the key to his immortality.

The one thing which appeals about this movie is the cast; I’m a big fan of Aaron Eckhart and still consider him under-appreciated, even after his stellar turn in The Dark Knight. He can make any role believable and he does look good in this movie.

The supporting cast also includes Bill Nighy, Yvonne Strahovski, Miranda Otto and Jai Courtney. The addition of Bill Nighy is great but it does make the movie feel just like an Underworld spin-off. It does have the same producers after all…

The visuals look decent… and yet, it just looks like a million other movies, mostly the previously mentioned Underworld and Van Helsing.

I actually like the Underworld movies for what they are; they also have the bonus of Kate Beckinsale in a leather cat suit… this does not.

The fact that this is being released during January means it’s probably going to make about $30-40 million in its entire run as that tends to be the standard for movies released about this quiet period. Occasionally you get the odd gem like The Grey, but this most certainly doesn’t like to be of that caliber.

It all just looks a bit too silly with gargoyles flying around everywhere and may be a hit with teens and the younger audience, but so far I’m not about to part with 14 bucks to watch it in the cinema. I’ll definitely watch it at some point out of curiosity but I don’t know… what do you guys think?

Are you going to see it on the big screen and do you think it’ll be hit or miss?



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