November 20, 2013

Is Batman vs. Superman Too Much Too Soon?

Now, don’t get me wrong; I love the idea of a Batman and Superman movie and I would love to see it happen at some point.

The two characters are the only comic book characters I have any genuine interest in. I also don’t have a problem with Ben Affleck in the role of Batsy.

But after watching my Blu Ray of Man of Steel last night, it got me thinking. Superman is only just starting out and personally, I would like at least one more film of Superman still fitting into his role as the saviour of Metropolis/the World.

I’d like a bit more character development and for the relationship between Supes and Lois to have at least a little depth. Lois didn’t have much to do in MoS and I just want to see it slow down just a bit.

The film is going to have to be about 4 hours long to cover everything, like the introduction of Lex, The Joker, or whoever the villains are. We also will need to know about Batman/Bruce Wayne, but as he is meant to be older and more grizzled then this is going to be a Batman we haven’t seen before.

For the record, I still wouldn’t mind if we had one lone outing with the new Batman before doing this Super Team-up.

I would like a bit of soul-searching from Kal-El, filled with guilt after murdering Zod. I personally never really had a problem with that scene because he didn’t have any other choice. It was ballsy and daring and despite the fan outrage, it caused debate, which is always a good thing.

So what are the ramifications of Superman killing Zod and what do the people think of Superman now that he and Zod pretty much leveled the entire city of Metropolis?

I think it will be interesting because this really is a new dynamic; Superman was always the boy scout and Batman was the darker character. In the comics Superman is usually the one trying to keep Batman from going over the edge. Now that Superman has killed someone, neither character is about to be rescuing cats from trees anymore.

This is a warrior Superman and I hope we get to explore the grey area of the character doing what must be done and how he deals with the consequences.

There are now rumours of Wonder Woman making an appearance but also Robin or Nightwing as well.

With all of these (potential) new characters then the main focus could be taken away from Superman and it all just seems like too much too soon.

I hope we get an exploration of the relationship between the man (Batman) and the God (Superman) and rather than huge set-piece after huge set-piece, we actually get to know this new Batman.

It seems to me like there is just going to be way too much happening; by all means have a Wonder Woman cameo and maybe tease out a Justice League movie, but the way Marvel has done it has been spot on. Give each character an individual movie and then bring them together for the ultimate battle, just like The Avengers.

These could all just be rumours and none of these other characters may turn up at all but with Batman and Superman I really hope they take their time and do it right.


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Eoin Friel
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