November 3, 2013

Mano-A-Mano: Danny Glover and Mel Gibson Vs Jet Li – Lethal Weapon 4

In Lethal Weapon 4, North American audiences were introduced to Jet Li for the first time, and after seeing his lightening fast, and brutal moves over the course of two hours, we finally see Riggs and Murtaugh come face to face with him. The dark, and rainy dock was the location of what I thought was going to be their final resting place. They were going to get their asses handed to them on a silver platter! How the hell could they possibly beat this guy?

Obviously, it would turn out to not be an easy task, but at this point in the film, Jet Li’s characters moves are slower. He is weak, and tired, and not too mention he is acting on emotion. His brother was just killed in a gun fight so, Wah Sing Ku  (Jet Li) is big time pissed, which gives Riggs, and Murtaugh the advantage. That is probably why Riggs tells Roger that they should take him on, as he knows he they have a chance in beating him because he is not 100%. OK, so Riggs doesn’t exactly say verbally “let’s go get him”, but you get the underlining message when he asks Murtaugh how Wah took apart his gun.  Murtaugh’s response was just the agreement, and the acceptance that even though they might be “too old for this shit”, they cannot walk away now.

I liked the fact that Wah Sing Ku  was not fighting like he was before, because it evens the playing field. Even though the odds are still two to one, Wah Sing Ku  keeps control of most of the fight until… he gets impaled with a metal rod by Murtaugh! See! Now who’s too old? Before too long God intervenes, and takes the fight to the murky waters below as the dock collapses beneath the feet of Ku and Riggs, where Riggs blows Ku away with an Ak-47 found in the back of a car.

The  Lethal Weapon franchise has always had a cool fight, or battle at the climax of the film, and this was the best fight sequence to end a sequel, because it did involve both main characters for a change. I’m  excluding part 3 because it was more of a big action sequence then a mano-a-mano fight. I loved the look and atmosphere of the location in this fight. The overall tone was dark, and the first time I watched this, I thought it was not going to end well for our favorite cop duo. Luckily, they live to see another day, and complain about retirement, and how old they are. I think Stallone, and Schwarzenegger proved to everyone that it is never too late…..for “Grumpy Old Lethal Weapon” a.k.a Lethal Weapon 5!



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