December 10, 2013

Bad Boys III is On the Way

Bad Boys for life? It would appear so as the screenwriter for Safe House David Guggenheim is apparently in talks to pen the belated sequel. Considering the massive response we get any time we do an article on the series, I think Part 3 is long over due as there is obviously a huge fan base out there and the film is pretty much guaranteed to bring in megabucks..

There’s no word as yet on whether Michael Bay will be returning to direct but it will be produced by Jerry Bruckheimer.

According the Deadline: ‘The mantra behind Sony Pictures’ recent restructure that brings in Michael De Luca as production co-president was to make higher quality tent poles. That means spending money on hot writers. I’m told the studio is in early talks with David Guggenheim to script Bad Boys 3, which the studio hopes will bring back Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as fast-talking undercover cops who solve crimes with spectacular action, gunplay, and harsh language. Guggenheim scripted Safe House, the Denzel Washington-Ryan Reynolds action thriller.

Bad Boys II was released a decade ago, and the sequel grossed $273 million on a $160 million budget. Michael Bay directed the first two, but he doesn’t seem to be involved, at least at this point. Jerry Bruckheimer is producing the pic. Sony is trying to do this with the original cast, which makes it different from the other big franchise reboots in the works, Men In Black and Ghostbusters. Those are being rebooted. With Ghostbusters, that has a lot to do with Bill Murray being unwilling to reprise his signature role. With Men In Black, the deal making on that film got to be prohibitively expensive with all the talent and producer back ends, to the point it was becoming impossible for the studio to make money.”

So it looks like fans of the series are finally going to get their wish; I reckon Bay will return. It’s about time he got back to making r rated action and stopped trying to sell toys.

Source: Deadline

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