December 7, 2013

Beverly Hills Cop 4 to Film in July

Well it may be about 15 years too late but apparently Beverly Hills Cop 4 is about to start shooting in July next year. Now that Jerry Bruckheimer’s time with Disney is coming to en end he can redeem his good name by making kick-ass action movies again and less PG-13 kiddie oriented fare.

According to Deadline:  “Projects he set up at Disney will remain there until they pass on them. One of the projects Bruckheimer will take with him is Shake, a cat-and-mouse thriller about and FBI agent who is bringing in a serial killer when an earthquake happens and the killer gets loose.

The first project under the new deal, however, will be a new Beverly Hills Cop movie — a reboot of one of Bruckheimer and Paramount’s biggest successes together when he produced the original with late partner Don Simpson. Eddie Murphy closed his deal to reprise his role as Detroit cop Axel Foley — this time Foley will be returning to his Detroit roots. It will be the fourth installment of the lucrative franchise. Brett Ratner, who is currently finishing up Hercules for MGM, is attached to direct the film as soon as his duties on the Dwayne Johnson-starrer finishes up. The picture bows in July. The Beverly Hills Cop script is still being worked on.

Another big Bruckheimer-Simpson-Paramount hit in their sights: Bruckheimer as part of his deal will also produce the long-in-the-works Top Gun 2, which is being developed by Skydance Productions with Tom Cruise back in the cockpit to star.”

Apparently a pilot was filmed for the Beverly Hills Cop TV series but it ended up getting dumped.

What do you think? Do you care about Beverly Hills Cop 4 or is it far too late?

Source: Deadline

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