December 20, 2013

Die Hard vs. Die Hard 2

Is part 2 better than part 1?  That is an age old question.  Sometimes the answer is yes, most of the time no.  Sure we can all agree that Lethal Weapon 2 is better than part 1. Best of the Best 2 is far superior to part 1.  And so on and so forth.  There is one film however that I believe is head and shoulders above part one, and that’s Die Hard 2.  Yes I said it, Die Hard 2 is better than part 1.

You see Die Hard, while a great film that has to this day inspired many copycat films is a great movie.  Action, suspense, wisecracks, plot, you name it.  However it lacks the pacing, and intensity of part 2.  I mean let’s really look at it.  Part one is, in my opinion more of a suspense film.  Sure there are shoot out scenes, and explosions, but in all honesty not that many.  You can add everything up to about 40min of action, and keep in mind this is a 2 hour film.  Willis only fights a handful of men, with no real plot twist.  Hans Gruber is a weak villain, sure he is cold and calculating, but there was never a doubt that Willis could stomp him into the ground.  You basically have Bruce shoot a handful of guys, then jump off a roof tied to a fire hose, then he shoots a couple more.  That’s it, nothing more, nothing less.  Sorry everyone, but it’s not a very well-paced film, but really more of a drama.

Now in the far superior Part 2 Willis is not stuck in a building.  Oh no, he’s in an airport, at a cabin, inside and outside.  Plus he’s not only fighting terrorists trying to rescue a drug lord, he also, in a surprise twist fighting a tactical unit that is working for the terrorist.  See this film has 10 times the action.  There’s a fight/shootout in the baggage area, on the loading ramp, on the runway, on top of a plane, even a shoot-out while driving on snow mobiles.  Sure Willis jumped off a roof with a fire hose in part one, but in 2 he escapes a plane cockpit full of grenades by using the ejection seat.

Let’s also look at the final fight.  Willis must battle hand to hand with an Army commando on the wing of a moving plane, then fight the head terrorist in hand to hand as well.  Part one he just shoots the guy.  Nothing more, nothing less.  Let’s not forget part 2 has a much stronger cast.  Franco Nero, William Sandler, John Amos, and Dennis Franz.  Must better villains, much better sidekick.

Plus another strong point is the self-awareness.  Once again he’s fighting terrorists on Christmas, and he acknowledges that through the entire film.  Personally I enjoy that in a film.  I also enjoy Renny Harlin, who directed this fabulous piece of cinema.

So to sum it up.  Part 2 has better bad guys, more action, more humor, and a better story.  Now keep in mind this is my opinion, however it’s the right one.  Also Die Hard 3 stinks, but that’s for another time.

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Cory G
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