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December 3, 2013

Legends of Action: Daniel Bernhardt

After watching the not very interesting Hunger Games sequel the other day, it reminded me that I haven’t done a blog about one of my favourite action stars: Daniel Bernhardt. Although he doesn’t get the same name recognition as Arnie, Sly or JCVD he’s still been in several fun action movies and my personal favourite is True Vengeance… which I still want on Blu Ray I might add.

Here’s a nice little bio from his IMDB page: Daniel Bernhardt was born in Worblaufen, a part of Bern, the Swiss Capital. He was initially an architectural drawer before being discovered as model for a clothes designer brand. He has been training in martial arts since 1983 and his brother owns a martial arts school close to Lucerne in Switzerland. He became a father to his first daughter on 15 May 15 2003, the night after the premiere of The Matrix Reloaded (2003) and said in a TV interview that it is no question what has been more important in his life: The birth of his daughter changed his attitude towards responsibility and love forever.

Bernhardt’s first major role was in Bloodsport 2, 3 and 4 and despite part 4 not being the greatest movie ever Bloodsport 2 & 3 were worthy follow-ups to the the original. His martial arts skills were excellent and I found him very likeable on-screen.

He would have a role as Agent Johnson in The Matrix Reloaded which would be one of his more high profile roles.

It was great to see Daniel fight Jason Statham in Parker earlier on this year and the scene was the highlight of the movie. As I said in my review for Catching Fire the other day, the only reason I went to see it was to see Daniel who sadly had no dialogue.


Recently Daniel Bernhardt put together an excellent short film called Fetch which is 20 minutes of bone crunching action and awesome one-liners. You can check out the full short film below:

I was also a big fan of The Cutter which he did with Chuck Norris in 2005; Bernhardt played the villain and he was a nasty piece of work in it too. He has a great fight scene with Norris on a bus and and again at the end.

I was lucky enough to interview Daniel a few months back so in case you missed it, click here.

I hope to see Daniel in more roles in bigger movies soon as he’s such a nice guy that he deserves to be a huge star.


The Vatican Tapes (post-production)

2013 Zombeo & Juliécula (Short) (completed)

2013 The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

2013 Knock ’em Dead

2013 Parker

2012 Santa’s Summer House

2012 BlackBoxTV (TV Series)

– AEZP: Execution Style (2012) … Perelli

2012Dead Hearts (Short)

2012 Foodfight!

2011 Creature

2011 Jerry Bruckheimer’s Chase (TV Series)

– Roundup (2011) … Hank Williams

2010 Supreme Champion

2008 Tag und Nacht (TV Series)

– Der Mann aus dem Busch (2008) … Bruce Polson

2007 Children of Wax

2006 Desire (TV Series)

2005 The Cutter

2005 Nature Unleashed: Tornado (Video)

2005 Confessions of an Action Star

2003 The Librarians

2003 Enter the Matrix (Video Game)

2003 The Matrix Reloaded

2002 Global Effect

2000 Black Sea Raid

1999 G2

1998-1999 Mortal Kombat: Conquest (TV Series)

1999 Bloodsport: The Dark Kumite

1997 Perfect Target (Video)

1997 True Vengeance (Video)

1997 Future War (Video)

1996 Bloodsport III (Video)

1996 Bloodsport 2

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