December 8, 2013

Short Film: Canadian Ninja

It’s about time Canada had itself its own action hero and it looks like Buck North is our guy. This short film looks like it could be a complete riot with some nice references to Lone Wolf McQuade, American ninja and more.

According to the official Canadian Ninja Kickstarter Page late one night, in a time of legend and mystery, a young Tim Tracey awoke with a dream. That dream was to give Canada the gift of her first true action hero! Since then, he has work through rain, snow, and knife hail in order to accomplish his noble goal!

Canadian Ninja is a fast-paced, indie action film in the vein of 1980’s martial arts/action hero flicks like “Lone Wolf McQuade” or “American Ninja”. It combines head-spinning one-liners, epic martial arts showdowns, and 400% more ninjas than any other movie ever.

SYNOPSIS: Buck North, the protagonist of Canadian Ninja, was once a box office smash hit. His greatest film Code of The Wind Warrior set the record for the highest ticket sales in the history of North America. He had it all–except the memory of his childhood.

It all came tumbling down in the 1984 Canadian Kickboxing Championships when Buck unleashed an illegal Flying Windmill Kick, breaking the backs of several judges and spectators alike. Disgraced and black-listed, his film career flopped and he began stunt doubling for a well-known American action hero. Things came to a head when he burned down the trailer of that very same action hero in a fit of unbridled rage.

Now a freelancer for the Canadian Military as their unofficial Ninja Destroyer, Buck North spends his free time training in his secret underground lair.

All is quiet in Canada. A little too quiet.

On the mysterious and impenetrable Ninja Paradise Island, Iron Face Yakuzzi and the infamous Communist/Terrorist/Scientist have teamed up to unleash an army of genetically engineered Super Ninjas. Buck North must face his greatest enemies, as well as his dark past, in order to save Canada from certain peril.

Where Does The Money Go?

We’re trying to raise $6500 with this Kickstarter campaign. Basically we’ve got 99% of the film in the can, being cut together and edited as we speak (or as you read, rather). We’ve already put countless hours and loonies into this project on our own to get it to this point. Now we need your help to make it to the finish line! And in exchange, you get some pretty cool rewards.


As it stands, we’re looking to use the money for the following:

EDITING: $2800

This cash-money will go to paying an editor to name all of the zillions of gigabytes of footage and sync it up with captured audio. Once that’s all done, it’s brought into a video editing program and “cut” together to make a film! This is where the magic happens!


This money goes to blending in the stop-motion segments of the film, adding blood, smoke, tears, hurricanes and fighter planes to the entire feature-length film to make it all shiny and professional! Nothing is worse than an un-rendered special effect! Help us avoid that terrible fate!


This goes to making the film sound the best it possibly can. Sound design is crucial to a great film. Ever go to a film that sounds like all the characters are in a giant, hollow tube? Yeah, that’s the worst! This money will allow us to hire a professional sound mixer to make the film sing (not literally, cuz that might be kinda annoying).


In order to get you all your awesome prizes, we need some dough to buy materials, do printing and all that jazz. A lot of our prizes are hand-made, and involve a lot of hard work. This will help cover those costs to make sure we have what we need to give you what you want! It also covers the fee Kickstarter charges when the campaign ends.

Editing $2800 + Effects $700 + Sound Design $2000 + Fees and Materials $1000 = $6500!

That’s our goal! If we’re super lucky, and you guys are feeling über generous, we might raise even more funds! When that happens we’ll post updates with stretch goals and other wicked prizes! Every extra dollar helps make the film extra awesome!

For more details head on over to the Kickstarter page and support Canadian Indie Action.

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Eoin Friel
Eoin Friel
I grew up watching JCVD, Sly and Arnold destroy bad guys, blow things up and spew one-liners like it's a fashion statement. Action is everything I go to the movies for and the reason I came up with this site is to share my love for the genre with everyone.



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