December 10, 2013

Who Can Boyka Fight Next?

After chatting with Isaac Florentine the other day about Undisputed 4 and what we can expect from it, it got me thinking; who can be the main bad guy to face off against Yuri Boyka in a potential fourth outing?

Boyka is pretty much the hero of the series now; he’s grouchy, unfriendly and yet we all love him. So he’s going to need someone pretty damn badass to fight with in the film.

Obviously having Mykel Shannon Jenkins return would be awesome as he and Boyka still need to have that full-on fight.

Here are a few suggestions for the Big Bad for Boyka: Undisputed 4


Tony Jaa: He’s been popular for a while and he has some pretty spectacular martial arts skills; just watch the Ong Bak movies or even The Protector and you’d see that Yuri Boyka would have his work cut out for him as well. I think it would also be his first villain role so it could be something pretty cool to watch.


Darren Shahlavi: Darren has been in the business for a while and if you watch Bloodmoon with Gary Daniels, you really get to see what an awesome fighter he is and having him as the main antagonist could be a nice touch. You could maybe even have Gary Daniels in some capacity too.


Mark Dacascos: I’ve been a fan of Mark for many years now and seeing him in Hawaii Five-0 got me thinking it would be great to see him have a major role in the Undisputed series; he’s REAL good at being bad too.


Donnie Yen: He’s still one of the best in the business and the thought of watching him battling it out on-screen with Scott Adkins would be the stuff of legend.

Johnny Strong Head Shot-thumb-300xauto-34211

Johnny Strong: The star of Sinners & Saints is actually an incredibly skilled martial artists and I’ve always wanted to see him in a movie with Adkins. Watching him in a tournament movie like Undisputed would be something different but also incredibly awesome.


Iko Uwais: Since The Raid came out a couple of years back Iko has been THE hot property and with his small role in Man of tai Chi this year I thought it would be pretty sweet to watch him and Boyka go at it.

So those are some of my top choices to square up against the Most Complete Fighter in the World. Who would you pick?

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