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January 28, 2014

The 10 Best Shouty Police Chiefs

We all love the scenes in action movies when the hero gets his ass handed to him by the Chief of Police/Captain/Commissioner/etc.

Every decent cop movie has to have the angry Police Chief who is always shouting and yet grudgingly respects our trusty heroes because dammit all, they get the job done.

“You’ve caused millions of dollars of damage, goddammit you’re a loose cannon, etc”.

So here is a list of my favourite shouting Police Chief scenes.



1. 48 Hrs.

Up until today I would’ve said the Dirty Harry movies but this one has the legendary Frank McRae. I can’t even make out what he’s saying; he’s just screaming for no apparent reason.  He also makes a great appearance in The Last Action Hero where he severely takes the piss out of it.

2. Dirty Harry

The Chief/Captain in the Dirty Harry movies loves to scream at Harry; telling him how he’s cost millions in property damages and not once, do they ever admit that he actually got the job done.  Dammit, the world needs more cops like Harry Callahan.

3. Beverly Hills Cop

The Police Captain is pure hilarity in this; all the boxes are ticked: dollars in damages, loose cannon, etc. Truly awesome stuff.

4. Tactical Force

The Police Chief only has 2 scenes in the movie and the first one is the stuff of legend.  “How about a nice warm cup of shut the f**k up”. Says it all really, doesn’t it?

5. Carmine – Die Hard 2

“Oh just shut the airport down, right McClane? Just shut it down”.  The guy’s an asshat right from the start; hurling abuse at Lord John of McClane, despite the fac he has been right about absolutely everything that has happened so far…

6. John C. McGinley – Point Break

“What have you got so far? SQUAT!! SQUAAAT!”.  McGinley is HILARIOUS in this scene where he screams at Johnny Utah and Pappas for screwing up; so the usual police chief rant ensues. Legendary.

7. Joe Pantoliano – Bad Boys

“You don’t like your job? QUIT!”  He seems to mainline caffeine or something in this cos he’s just always shouting.  Much like the other Police Chiefs; it just seems to be shouting for the sake of it.

8. Bill Duke – Action Jackson

I always found Bill Duke to be kinda scary and this just cements it. He spends most of his time shouting at Action Jackson despite the fact he knows he’s right and asses need to be kicked.

9.  Art La Fleur – Cobra

Captain Sears shouts “What is this, a goddamn game?” You just shouted at the Cobra; expect your ass to be mailed to you in the near future.

10. The French Connection 

“You’re running around town jerking off, well you’re off the case, etc.” You realize that’s Popeye Doyle you’re shouting at there, mister? It’s your funeral…

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Eoin Friel
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