January 16, 2014

Expendables 3 Currently 4 Hours Long?

That’s right action fans; Sly Stallone said in his Q&A event in London the other day:

As for Expendables 3, we got some young blood as the director, a very good Australian director called Patrick Hughes. So it’s back in L.A.. being edited. The first cut is four hours long. I told them, ‘Don’t touch a frame!’ (Laughs)”.



He’s probably joking but if he’s not, you know what? Don’t edit it! The first two movies were too short; if this ends up being the final entry in the series, I want it to be the most epic action film of all time.

Obviously it’ll never be that long, but even 2 hours would be a good length, with a potential director’s cut coming out after the DVD/Blu Ray release.Give the characters time to breathe and give us the best action spectacle ever.

I won’t lie, my anticipation is through the roof for this film and with this cast and crew this could well be the movie we’ve been waiting for.

Would you watch a 4 hour Expendables movie?

Source: Expendables Premiere

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