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January 21, 2014

Legends of Action: Jeff Wincott

BirthDate: May 8, 1957

If ever there’s an underrated action star, it’s Jeff Wincott; he was the king of straight to video movies in the ‘90s but the thing is, his movies were genuinely entertaining.

Mission of Justice had some quality action as did Last Man Standing, Martial Law 2, Open Fire, Martial Outlaw and Deadly Bet.

Before he became an action star Jeff grew up in Toronto, Canada where he began doing stand-up comedy at the famed Yuk-Yuks in Toronto. His first TV role was on King Of Kensington and in 1984 he was cast as Detective Frank Giambone in the TV series Night Heat.

It would be his role as Det. Sean Thompson alongside Cynthia Rothrock in Martial Outlaw 2 that would really bring him to the attention of action fans. His cool voice, tough demeanor and awesome fight moves made him a believable action hero and his career as a badass had begun.

I think Martial Outlaw may be my favourite film of his, so far. It had a great story about two very different brothers: One upholds the law, the other breaks it.  It was tense, had good performances and most important had asses being kicked.

Mission of Justice had some fantastic fight scenes but hilariously enough, after the amount of people that are murdered in this movie, I’m surprised his character was never arrested as a mass murderer. The movie is worth watching for The Gauntlet scene which has Jeff kicking the asses of multiple opponents a once.

Wincott also starred in two made for TV sequels to Universal Soldier but never worked with JCVD on any of them, which is a shame. After the straight to video craze of the ’90s died down, he wasn’t the lead in too many more movies and was more interested in smaller projects.

Recently he starred as Jimmy Cacuzza in the hugely popular TV show Sons of Anarchy.

He is currently working on a short film called Behind Bars which will hopefully put him on the map again with mainstream audiences as he deservers a much bigger fan base.

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Eoin Friel
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