January 2, 2014

Luke Hobbs: Worst. Cop. Ever.

There have been a lot of great law enforcement officers in film.  Dirty Harry, Riggs and Murtaugh, Axl Foley, etc.  Then there have been some bad ones.  But even the bad ones usually get the bad guy in the end.  However, there is one law enforcement official who just absolutely stinks on every level possible.  And that is Luke Hobbs!

First off let me say, I love The Rock.  He’s the top action star in the world now, and with good reason.  I love Fast and Furious; it’s actually my favorite film franchise of all time, hands down.  But that does not discount the fact that Luke Hobbs is the worst law enforcement official in history.  What’s worse, he’s a federal agent, not some beat cop.  And this guy stinks!

When we are first introduced to Hobbs in Fast Five, he arrives in Rio with his team to track down Brian, and Dom.  I would say Mia as well, but let’s face it, no one cares about Mia.  I predict in part 7 you only see her once, and it’s her on the phone.  Anyway, so Hobbs arrives and rudely tells a local cop he wants a local officer to assist them.

One who knows the lay of the land so to speak.  He gets a semi attractive chick, whose name I don’t remember, nor do I care enough to look up.  She asks why he picked her; he says she has a pretty face.  Right there, strike one.  This guy is sexually harassing the new employee.  So after stumbling around a bit they get the location on Dom and Brian and go after them.

However, they arrive at the same time a hit squad is there trying to take them out.  Never, and I mean never did Hobbs say “Lay your weapons down.”  Nope he just guns everybody down.  Cold blooded murder; at no time were the Miranda rights ever read.

Then they find a car that Dom had, now granted this was the big drug dealer’s car, and it contained the computer chip that he wanted, but Hobbs had no papers to take this.  How did he know it just didn’t belong to the guy who owned the shanty house?  He didn’t, he just took it, and took it apart, and in the process found no clues whatsoever.

So after stumbling around all of Brazil for weeks, he finally tracks down Dom and his crew.  Does he come in and say “You have the right to remain silent”? Nope, he crashes his big ass truck into Dom’s car; that’s destruction of property, then proceeds to tackle Dom and get in a violent fist fight with him.  Police brutality.  Dom didn’t swing first, Hobbs just attacked him.  Luckily Dom doesn’t hold a grudge and when their transport is attacked Doom saves Hobbs, and flat out says he’s going after the guy.  Hobbs stands up and says I’m with you, Dom.

So, then this “Law enforcement official” helps an escaped international criminal rob a drug dealer, killing people in the process.  He then tells Dom he will give him a 24hr head start to run.  Ohh yeah, he doesn’t check evidence before Dom leaves, so he lets him walk with 200 million dollars.

I have theft, endangerment of public safety, reckless driving, assault, murder, and sexual harassment all wrapped up here.  But wait there’s more, as he comes back in part 6.

In part 6 we open with Hobbs and his new partner Gina Carano interrogating a suspect.  First off, there’s no interrogation.  Hobbs beats this guy half to death.  No lawyer present, no rights ready, just good old fashioned assault and battery.  He then tells his new female partner she has a great ass.  Sexual harassment again.  He’s after a big time criminal mastermind who is stealing components to make a night shade device.  So he decides to call for back up.  Not other cops, he calls Dom and his crew.  Now I get it, he had to fit them into the film, but when he assembled them he should have arrested them.  He then makes a deal with the world’s second worst cop, Brian, that he will grant them pardons if they succeed in helping him.  Where did he get that authority?  He never called to verify it; he’s just making deals with criminals at this point.

He gets them set up, kills people again, then, and get this, they end up capturing the villain, and when he pulls the old “I got one of yours held hostage” Hobbs not only lets him go, but he draws down on an army captain.  One of the good guys.  Then his female partner leaves him for the bad guy.  Now either she got sick of being harassed by him, or he was just too dumb to know she was working against him the whole time.

The final battle is an amazing site on a moving cargo plane, where Hobbs once again just murders people.  This guy never arrests anyone.  You would think there is more paperwork involved in murder than a simple arrest, then again he’s so bad he probably doesn’t know the Miranda rights to read to them.  Sure the job gets done, and the world is safe but at what cost?  Under his watch an army base gets held hostage by Hobbs himself, hundreds of people die in a tank freeway chase, the bad guy actually escapes 3 times; one of which Hobbs assists in, and he sexually harasses his partner who joins forces with the bad guys.

Once again I love the Rock, but you would think it would be better if he didn’t play the worst cop in film.  I mean this guy is awful, and what’s worse, Dom and his crew are the heroes.  Hobbs is simply condoning vigilante justice.  I don’t recall him ever swearing these guys in as honorary cops.  Wait, he probably doesn’t know how to do that either.  I mean he’s a tough guy, but he’s also the film equivalent of Barney Fife.

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