January 11, 2014

Synopsis and Photos From Argentinian Actioner “Warriors”

Director, Editor, Actor and Choreographer Fabricio Martin kindly sent us some details on his upcoming Argentinian martial arts movie ‘Warriors’.

I’ve already seen a few clips from the movie and it’s beautifully shot with some stunning camera work and fight scenes. We have the synopsis and further details below.

Synopsis: Pablo is a young martial artist who lives with his grandmother and, because of lack of money, is about to make a wrong decision. In the midst of enormous confusion Victor appears; a spiritual being that will make Pablo understand his life from another point of view. An inner battle between good and evil ensues.


WARRIORS is a martial arts and fantasy short film that has a duration of 20 minutes. It was made by the Argentine independent film production company VICTORY Magic Films and contains an inspiring message intended for audiences of all ages.

This story is told in a very entertaining way, accompanied by images of high visual impact and elaborate choreographies of martial arts.

WARRIORS was directed, choreographed, edited and post produced by Fabricio Martin, director of VICTORY Magic Films, professional stuntman and filmmaker of the independent film “BENJAMIN” (2006), the first Argentine martial arts movie.

WARRIORS is a project produced by Fabricio, Cristian Tapia Marchiori and Gonzalo Urbaneja.

The protagonist is Alejandro Lopez Hiriart, accompanied by well-known Argentine actor Juan Carlos Puppo. Also participating will be Walter Gomez, a renowned stuntman and several times martial arts champion in the USA (USKA). Pablo Kun Castro who is an excellent exponent of Wushu and promoter of martial arts tricking in Argentina is also involved in the project.

On March 7th, The Action Elite will exclusively launch the trailer to “Warriors”; so be sure to stay tuned.

Check out our exclusive photo gallery below:

VICTORYMagic Films-WARRIORS-International_poster


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