January 14, 2014

Who is the Best One Man Army?

If there’s one thing I miss from today’s cinema, it’s the one man army.

That one guy who can take on entire legions of henchmen and remain unscathed throughout.

Hell, everyone loves a one man army… unless they’re Commies; so the time has come to decide who the best one man army is.







5. Dirty Harry Callahan: I know what you’re thinkin’ you’re thinkin’ “He’s not a one man army” and compared to the top 4, he’s a choir boy, but he’s still killed his fair share of menaces to society. Here’s his kill tally below:

Dirty Harry: 4

Magnum Force: 12

Sudden Impact: 14

The Enforcer: 8

The Dead Pool: 10

So that’s a total of 48 people; come on Harry, what have you been doing, sleeping? That’s not a One Man Army, that’s a walk in the park.


4. John Matrix: Close Col. Matrix but no cigar; Oh alright, you can have ONE but you ain’t number 1! Arnie pimp slaps an entire island of the most inept goons you’ve ever seen on film. An entire army and they miss him, even when he’s like 10 feet away!

His total body count amounts to 105, which is an impressive haul to be sure…but not impressive enough, sir. If he had sequels, then he’d probably be the king of the One Man Armies.


3. Braddock: Chuck F**king Norris stars in the Missing in Action Trilogy and it was hard to decide between this and the Delta Force films in terms of One Man Army bodycounts. I think this one just wins. Each MIA film’s bodycount is as follows:

Missing in Action: 78

Missing in Action 2: 31

Braddock- Missing in Action 3: 50

That’s 159 villainous goons slaughtered, which is pretty good going for the Chuckster.


2. Frank Castle: Dolph Lundgren in The Punisher has a surprisingly huge bodycount and even beats John Matrix & Braddock to the number 2 spot. He has a total bodycount of 182 and that’s just in ONE movie. I was tempted to put up Red Scorpion on this list but he only kills a paltry 55 people; SLACKER!


1. John Rambo: Rambo has 3 sequels under his belt which means a bigger bodycount than any other One Man Army. Just check out his personal bodycount for his four movies:

First Blood: 1

First Blood – Part II: 58

Rambo III: 78

Rambo: 83

That’s a total of 220 exactly. That doesn’t even include the people killed by other people in the Rambo movies.

The total number of people killed in the Rambo movies is 438. There are TOWNS with less people than that, so Mr. Rambo I really must salute you.

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Eoin Friel
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