February 8, 2014

John McTiernan to Direct Actioner “Red Squad”

Action cinema has missed one of the all time great directors as he has been in prison since last year, however he is soon to be released and is ready to get back in action.

According to Variety: John McTiernan has signed to direct Hannibal Classics’ action project “Red Squad” following his expected release in April from federal prison in North Dakota.

McTiernan — whose credits include “Die Hard,” “Predator” and “The Hunt for Red October” — in April 2013 started his 12-month prison sentence in connection with a case ordering Anthony Pellicano to wiretap producer Charles Roven while they were working on 2002’s “Rollerball.”

Hannibal Classics is selling the project in Berlin. Production is slated to begin in the spring in Mobile, Ala.

Hannibal chairman/CEO Richard Rionda Del Castro is producing with Michael Mendelsohn. Exec producers are Patricia Eberle, Hayley Arabia, Michael Tadross Jr., and Cam Cannon.

The film is financed by Patriot Pictures. Hannibal Classics is the worldwide sales agent and Hannibal Production is the production company.

Written by Cannon and Jorge Suarez, “Red Squad” centers on a former DEA agent with a rogue streak and his select team of mercenaries who descend upon a Mexican border town to neutralize a drug lord.

Source: Variety

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