March 28, 2014

Does Anyone Really Want an Ant-Man Movie?

They’re making a movie about Ant-Man and I don’t know why; do any of you really want to see it?

The only thing this character has in his favor is that Stan Lee created him, but there are better characters waiting.

Ant-Man first appeared as a science fiction story in Tales to Astonish.  Henry Pym was a biochemist that developed a shrinking potion, shrank himself to ant-size, visited an anthill and narrowly escaped with his life.

A few months later he returned, donned a red and blue mesh costume and silver headphones so he could talk to the ants.  He started riding a flying ant and fighting crime.

It was hard to find a good villain.  In one issue he faces an ant that got radiated and grew huge and smart.  He talks the ant out of its evil plan.

In issue 43 he faces an elderly man forced to retire who developed a ray that can turn children into senior citizens.  Ant-man got zapped and got old.  The man repented when he accidentally made his grandchild old.

His repeat enemy was Egghead, a bald crime boss.  In their second battle, he sics an anteater on him.

The only super villain Ant-Man fought who was ever seen again was Porcupine, a man in a quill outfit with a belt that emits tear gas and laughing gas.  Ant-Man crawls into the belt and crosses the wires.

He was joined by the Wasp (his girlfriend) but it was a year before she got a weapon (a stinger bracelet).

After about 11 stories (12pagesmaximum) he became Giant-Man, able to grow to 10, 12, 15, 20, 25, 50 or100 feet).  He was jumping from building to building, shrinking to avoid weapons, then growing again to pick up villains.

His enemies didn’t get any better: Madame X, a magician and his arch-enemy The Human Top.  (This was a man in a green jumpsuit who could spin on his head.  Even the X-Men never took him.).

The best villain was the Black Knight, a man on a flying horse in black armor with weapons in his lance.

After less than two years as Giant-Man, he left the Avengers in issue16 and was replaced by Sub-Mariner in Tales to Astonish.

He next appeared as Goliath in Avengers 28, now 10 feet tall.  He left then returned as Yellow Jacket (married to Wasp) in Avengers 63.  He could fly but not grow tall.  He left in issue 75 and I haven’t seen him since.

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