March 14, 2014

Jackie Chan & Mel Gibson Team Up for Dragon Blade

In a rather random (yet awesome) piece of news, Impact is reporting that none other than Mel Gibson and Jackie Chan will star together in Dragon Blade.

The film Dragon Blade will be directed by Daniel Lee (What Price Survival?) is a period piece, that sees a Roman Legion lead by Mel Gibson’s character getting caught up in an adventure in China where they cross paths with a Chinese hero played by Jackie Chan.

They are forced to join forces to battle an even greater foe that threatens the whole world…The shooting on Dragon Blade begins at the end of March and the film is scheduled for release in 2015.

I love the sound of that already and Mel Gibson is always entertaining on screen. The idea of Gibbo and Chan on-screen together in a period piece is too intriguing to pass up. I must say that when I think “Romans” Mad Max isn’t exactly who springs to mind. Either way, I will be there when this film hits screens in 2015.

Source: Impact

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