March 29, 2014

Jason Statham is a “Wild Card”.

Remember Jason Statham’s “Heat”- the remake of the forgotten Burt Reynolds crime thriller from the 80’s? Well it seems the film has been completed, and along with garnering an R rating from the MPAA for “strong violence, language and some sexuality/nudity”, has also had a title change.

“Wild Card” is the film’s new name.

A title change was inevitable as there was already Michael Mann’s stellar crime epic also called “Heat”. Let’s not forget last year’s comedy blockbuster “The Heat”.

The new title also corresponds to Statham’s character’s name. In the original William Goldman novel the hero was called Nick Escalante. In the new movie, Statham’s hero is now called Nick Wild.

At any rate, the producers are hoping to soon secure US distribution and have the film out shortly after “The Expendables 3”.

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