March 13, 2014

Stunt Fighting 101: The Art of Fighting Without Fighting

The theater is dark and silent, the air of anticipation so thick you could cut it with a knife. The protagonist comes face to face with the antagonist. They engage in a full out no-holds-barred battle. They attack and counter with the skills of the masters of old; neither seem to gain the dominant hand in this epic pugilistic Malay.

This battle has you so enthralled that you have stopped mid munch of your beloved buttered popcorn. As the battle continues, the music seems to keep pace with each devastating blow, adding to the climax; the protagonist, battered and bloody gets a second wind executing the final killing blow putting the antagonist down and out… for life.
As you leave the theater you have this feeling of satisfaction, as if you just survived the battle of your life.

Stunt Fighting 101 the Art of Fight without fighting.
If you have ever experienced that feeling described above, then you are truly a member of The Action Elite. The Art of Stunt fighting and Action Choreography has a much honored history behind it. In my case I have been interested in the stunt industry for (without trying to age myself) many, many, years.

Although I have not had the privilege to appear in a major motion picture as a stunt fighter, I have done a lot of studying of the art. I have been to a few seminars put on by Hollywood stunt professionals, and last but not least done a few shorts featuring some of my students and myself (Fun For The Kids).

So for the next few months, I want to share my passion for the stunt fighting profession with you by writing a few articles on the techniques I have learned, the history of stunt fighting, and why it is that a Great fight/Action scene leaves us feeling like we can conquer the world.

So until we meet again.
Strength & Honor
Don (The Iron Sensei) Burnell

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