March 5, 2014

Why Stephen Amell Will Outlive ‘Arrow’

While browsing the internet the other day, I was on Facebook and looking at Stephen Amell’s (Arrow) Page. He’d posted a picture from an article The New York Times wrote where they stated “At 32 he might have to be satisfied with his lead role in CW’s ‘Arrow’.”

First of all, wow! Nothing like a bit of ageism there. This is nothing new, as Hollywood is now more than ever targeting the under 30’s with movies/TV shows, so pretty much everything we see today is aimed at kids. As a man in my 30s, everyone under 30 is a kid, sorry.

Personally I think Amell is one of the best new talents in the business; so many actors today are mere pretty boys with zero personality, but Amell exudes it from every pore. He brings an intensity to the character of Oliver Queen/The Arrow that few other actors could portray. It’s a dark role and I don’t think anyone expected the show to be as successful/excellent as it has become.

Not only that but he is exactly the kind of star that today’s jaded audience needs; he doesn’t think he’s too good to interact with his fans and he even runs his own Facebook page. He responds to questions and treats fans with respect, so a lot of other stars could learn from his example.

If Arrow goes on for maybe 5 or 6 Seasons, Amell will still be in his 30’s. He will have plenty of time to create a career as a movie star and I for one would definitely watch him in action movies; he’s got the training for it so he would bring real authenticity to the roles too.

Frankly, you can’t really be a believable action star until your 30’s anyway and some of the biggest movie stars didn’t get their breaks until they were older. Harrison Ford was in his 30’s when he was cast in Star Wars; he played some guy called Han Solo.

Stephen Amell could also be a romantic lead so he doesn’t get typecast in darker roles;  maybe something by Judd Apatow…

It’s not like Arrow is the only show he has been in either; he has had recurring roles in Heartland, Private Practice and Hung so as far as I’m concerned he has long since proven himself as an actor.

So, I’m sorry to break it to you New York Times, but we think Stephen Amell will be around for a while yet.

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Eoin Friel
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