April 18, 2014

Short Film: Kiss of Vengeance

If you’re a fan of the Robert Rodriguez style of filmmaking then you’d best check this out at your earliest convenience.

Kiss of Vengeance is a Tex Mex action short film from Fernando Luna and from it’s Kill Bill style opening you’ll be hooked for the next 20 minutes. The story is set in the outlawed border of Mexico and the U.S.; a modern gun-slinger stands alone against the Cartels that rule this land. The gunner is a sexy assassin, and her motive is revenge. She starts a lonely pursuit of the killers who executed her family in a horrible massacre back in the 90’s.

Back in the 90’s, there were five gangsters involved in the massacre of her family. Two of them were assassins. Another two acted as traitors, and the last one was the main head, the guy who planned all. Today, everyone of them have become  the boss of his own gang of assassins. The Lady will have to beat one bye one, to get closer to the big boss, The Cowboy.

The concept of KOV is inspired by 80’s Mexican exploitation movies  like Lola La Trailera and La Guerrera Vengadora, where the lead character and hero were women. Another big influence are  Kung Fu movies where the main purpose of the hero was the vengeance, just as the spaghetti westerns, where the journey of the gun-slinger was long and lonely.

Apparently the short film is only the beginning and it’s been designed to introduce the characters from a larger world with the hopes of building it out into a full feature with a graphic novel also in the post.



Lola was born in the border between Mexico and USA. Since a little girl she became an intrepid motorcycle acrobat. But the same day  her parents were killed by the Cartel, she was taken to work in  a brothel controlled by the same gang. Lola escaped thanks to the help of a hooker, and she lived in the streets until she reunited to her circus family.

In order to protect her, Lola is sent to Hawaii were she couldn’t be found. But destiny was marked, and the person who adopted her was a war expert. A retired master in martial arts and combat who fought once for the US special forces.

Lola spent her life training and becoming the perfect assassin, combining her acrobatics abilities and exquisite fighting skills, she is  a deathly weapon with only one objective in mind: to avenge her family.



One of the most wanted criminals in present days. He is the head of the Northern Cartel of Mexico and he runs several dangerous gangs distributed in Mexico and United States. Known as Chief of chiefs, El Gato Pardo, The Untouchable or simple as the Cowboy, his Cartel  has gain more power than any other in the last  10 years.



The cowboy’s bodyguard. He is an Asian ninja assassin with a  mysterious past. His sword skills gave him a reputation between the gangs, the perfect mercenary. But today he has train his own gang and they provide protection and special operations services to The Cowboy. He is a sadistic assassin who likes to listen to Mozart on the more grotesque moments.



Also known as the man with the toothpick. He is a hard to beat,  old school  bully. A warrior from the mid age, pure stone cold. He likes  to be the one who pulls the trigger. Master of big explosions and hand to hand fight.  Perhaps his golden years have past, but his hunting skills are still the best.



Lola’s father.  He was a motorcycle pilot, a Mexican racing legend, until an accident finished his career, but he was happy rising her daughter in the motorcycle environment and driving a truck going from show to show alongside the circus. One day, he got in problems with the Cartel when they tried to use his truck to transport drugs. He made the decision to run away going from motel to motel, hiding his family from a fatal end.



Lola’s mother. Her family was in the acrobatics business since generations, and she was no exception. She taught her daughter with everything she knew. And perhaps the most important lesson was to never give up, not even if you don’t have a chance, you have to keep trying.

Without further ado, here is the short film KISS OF VENGEANCE. Enjoy!

Kiss of Vengeance from Fernando Luna on Vimeo.

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