April 15, 2014

Details on Saurav Dutt’s Steven Seagal Inspired Graphic Novel ‘Sword’

‘Sword’ really caught my eye on Twitter the other day and I think Saurav Dutt is a great talent who deserves recognition.

This graphic novel is a labour of love for Dutt and he’s looking to have it completed by the end of this year for an early 2015 release.

When discussing the project Dutt said: “This project is a throwback to the 90’s action movies that I grew up on, integrating the style and charisma of Manga and Japanese samurai movies. The main character is based on the attitude, look, fighting style and charisma of a Steven Seagal type character and the book brings together a number of colourful fighters, mercenaries and tough characters that hark back to the best Seagal, Van Damme, Jeff Speakman, Dudikoff films along with nods to the likes of Cynthia Rothrock, Don ‘The Dragon’ Wilson, Gary Daniels and of course a whole bunch of Ninjas. For fans of ‘The Expendables’ there’s plenty of gun play, one liners, explosions and violence. Thanks everybody for the support and I’ll let you know when the website is up for this project.”

Dutt kindly provided a synopsis, giving us a better idea for the story, but you can also check out the picture which caught my eye below.

SYNOPSIS: An ancient war of honour that began in 18th century feudal Japan will end in the blood soaked streets of modern day Los Angeles in this violent, action packed graphic novel as the dreaded Yakuza come up against a one man army hell-bent on a quest for vengeance.

The fabled Kenjin sword was bestowed by legendary Japanese sword master Fujio Nakamura upon foreigner Frank Stone when he opened his dojo in Los Angeles as a sign of respect, friendship and honour. Retiring from life as a Black Ops mercenary and seasoned military consultant, Stone wants nothing more now than to teach the Japanese martial arts to anybody who wants to learn. Yet on one fateful night, a knock on the dojo door brings hell to Frank Stone’s world as an angry Yakuza mob boss and his gang demand the sword be returned to his family lineage immediately. After stealing the sword, burning the dojo to the ground, murdering his assistants and leaving Stone the Yakuza decide to base their operations in the US and infiltrate the LA narcotics and gun running underground, leaving dead bodies, gun carnage and havoc in their wake as a warning to their enemies. 

Now one year later, the embattled war veteran will now use his sword mastery, lethal martial arts skills and hardened mercenary experience to restore honour to Nakamura’s memory and inflict a bone crunching, head chopping and relentlessly violent quest of retribution to let the Yakuza know that Frank Stone was one man they should never have crossed. However, one year later the Yakuza are now even more powerful, more resourceful and feared-the odds are against Stone, but that’s exactly how he likes them. 

Vengeance is coming and its name is Frank Stone.



You can follow Saurav’s work on Twitter: @sd_saurav 

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