April 16, 2014

Expendables 3 Opening Scene Details

The lucky folk over at Joblo got to do an Expendables 3 set visit and provide some details about how the film opens along with a few extra tidbits. Be warned, there are some minor spoilers regarding certain characters so be sure to read at your own risk.








  • The film opens in Mogadishu (with the Black Sea doubling for the location).
  • The Expendables are inserted via a connex onto a dock in Mogadishu (Black Sea location).
  • The group is decked out in khaki-colored fatigues for the Mogadishu sequence, which is a nice change of pace from their usual black-clad outfits.
  • Wesley Snipes with lots of hair, wearing tattered clothes and standing on top of a connex on wires (all on stage). He was running atop the connex and you definitely got the vibe that he was escaping from something, the connex being lifted into the air via helicopter with him hanging on.
  • A series of explosions on the dock, which cut to Terry Crews’ character being injured. He is seen lying on the ground with a serious chest wound and it gave the impression that he was gravely injured.
  • And sure enough he is, as we see Crews in the hospital, looking to be in critical condition.
  • Stallone meeting with a sharply dressed Harrison Ford in front of a government style building. We couldn’t hear any dialogue, but the exchange looked very much like Ford was in control of the conversation with Stallone not liking anything he was hearing.
  • Another green screen shot shows Ford in an OD green flight suit, piloting a helicopter, so he’ll definitely be getting at least a little action in this one.

Other details about the film are as follows:

  • Ford is playing a high-level intel officer who is actually the one who is revealed to be the agent who supervised Bruce Willis’ character in previous films. He was referred to as a “super spook.”
  • Jet Li does appear in the film, but only shot for a few days.
  • A lot of the locations in the film are ex-military locations.
  • Snipes character will be a “knife guy” and have a rivalry in that respect to Statham’s character throughout the film.
  • Stallone was very particular about the blood and wounds, making sure the effects looked as realistic as possible.
  • There were about 1,700 VFX shots in THE EXPENDABLES 2. There will be about 2,000 or more in THE EXPENDABLES 3.
  • Stallone dislocated his shoulder during filming, but continued to insist on doing as much of his own stunts as possible.


Source: Joblo

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