April 7, 2014

Point Break Remake to be “Different” from Original

Point Break is the latest remake nobody has asked for, but that doesn’t stop Hollywood from churning them out. Anyway, in a recent interview with Collider director Broderick Johnson was asked if the new script follows the original film.

He responded: “Not at all.  The script only shares in common with the original the characters and the nature of the character dynamic between Utah and Bodhi and their relationship.  Everything else about the movie is different.  The narrative of the movie is different.  While we do have surfing in the film, it is only a subset of the extreme sports that we deal with, including free-climbing, motocross, wing-suiting and so forth.  The movie is being shot in 10 countries across the globe. 

Kathryn Bigelow’s original movie was really ahead of its time for 1991, when it came out.  That was really at the infancy of what extreme sports would become with the X-Games.  This movie is on a much broader scale around the world, and the narrative of the movie is completely different. 

What we found fascinating about the original film, and is preserved in this, is the character work and the relationship between Bodhi and Utah, who are these two gentleman on opposite of the law, but yet, at the same time, share a common bond.  That’s the one element that the two movies share“.

The remake is set to star Gerard Butler as Bodhi and Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah with new cast member Ray Winstone. The film will likely be released in 2015.

Source: Collider

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