April 29, 2014

The Legend of Bruce Lee

There have been countless articles and books written about this LEGENDARY martial Action Film star. But what was it that made him stand out in on film?

All we mainly hear about are the events and people that surrounded them. So I want to go in a different direction in this short piece; it’s because of Lee’s total physical and emotional commitment to his martial arts and acting that made his movies so engaging.

You did not find that in the movies back in the day and it is a rarity that you find someone with could even pull that off today.

Just keep in mind that all Bruce Lee had accomplished did not come easy and he deserved all the success that he desired.

He is and always will be a Mythic Legend of Epic proportions. There are no noticeable bad takes in his Hong Kong Films. This does not mean that mistakes or bad moves never happened, but due to the fact that Bruce had control over the fight scenes, they were left on the cutting room floor.

Simple techniques were used and were almost never repeated. If you look closely at the moves in Bruce’s movies, they were very simple, defense worthy (could be used in a real defense situation) especially compared with movies today. However it was not the technique that Bruce threw that made his fight scenes so exciting, it was how he threw them.

In each of his fight scenes he executed each technique with almost super human speed, power and grace combined with total emotional content (if I could borrow that phrase from Enter The Dragon).

Bruce understood the emotion and impact behind each of his techniques and delivered them flawlessly; he was skilled both with his hands and feet and was not afraid to use them.

He worked long and hard to develop his fighting prowess and this is what made him a phenomenal fighter. Bruce Lee was well balanced with his hands and feet, he did not have one technique that over shadowed the other, which took the anticipation factor to the next level because you did not know if he was going to throw a 50 punch straight blast or unleash a deadly barrage of kick combinations.

Well there it is, now I could go on but I with these tidbits I hope you get the gist. Bruce Lee is without a doubt the most influential Legendary Figure in the martial arts world today. The father Of MMA, an influence in the Rap World (Wu Tang Clan and Xhibit to name a few) and a inspiration to all martial artist worldwide.

Strength & Honor

Don”The Iron Sensei” Burnell

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