April 10, 2014

We Take a Look at Indie Noir ‘The Bond’

As this strictly speaking isn’t an action movie, I’m not going to write a review for but just an idea of what it’s about.

The Bond is an Indie Noir thriller from Rick Dumont and it’s about a girl called Bethany (Jennie Leonard) who begins to have visions of people being killed.

She soon realizes that a pattern is emerging and the victims are all people that she knows. As the story progresses we are just as unsure of who the killer is as Bethany. Is it her husband? Her friends? We are kept in the dark until the very end and I have to say that I didn’t see it coming.

As with classic noir, the film is in black and white and is more of a mystery rather than an action movie.

I found Bethany to be quite unsympathetic at times, because she seemed to just start fights with anyone she comes across. This actually works in the film’s favour as you begin to wonder if in fact SHE could be the killer.

My favourite character was her nice guy husband Jac St. George (John Moynihan) who we begin to wonder about as soon as the murders happen.

The score and some of the songs provide a Texas Chainsaw kind of vibe and is one of the creepiest aspects of the film.

In terms of flaws, I wasn’t a huge fan of the female police officer who felt like she was trying too hard to be tough by swearing all the time. It may have been my computer but also the sound wasn’t the greatest at times and it was difficult to make out what people were saying.

I did like a lot of the dialogue though as it felt natural and possibly improvised, giving the film a sense of authenticity.

Despite not being an action flick, The Bond had an interesting premise and a few interesting twists and turns; it could just use a few adjustments to the sound but all in all it was an entertaining noir thriller.




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