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May 1, 2014

The 10 Best Movie Monsters

To celebrate the upcoming release of Gareth Edwards’ Godzilla, I thought it was high time we took a look at some of the best monsters of the genre.

Since I was a kid I have loved monsters in movies; from Ray Harryhausen up to today, there have been some classics so choosing only 10 is a toughie but these I think are my personal favourites. Rancor 10. The Rancor (Return of the Jedi): My favourite creature from the Star Wars Universe, The Rancor has a battle with Jedi hero Luke Skywalker underneath Jabba’s Palace. He gets a bone stuck in his mouth and then a door shut on his head so I kinda feel bad for the poor bugger. As a kid I actually had to leave the cinema because he scared me… I was a total pussy. Jp_rex 9. The T-Rex (Jurassic Park): OK, technically the Tyrannosaurus isn’t really a monster as they really did exist but they are still bloody scary, so he’s going on the list. The T-Rex entrance in Jurassic Park remains one of the greatest scenes in cinematic history, expertly building tension up until the big reveal. The build-up is worth every second as even now the creature looks utterly real. I don’t why CGI has never been as good since but the mixture of practical and special effects was definitely a good idea. I love how in order to get the water to vibrate in the cup as the Rex approaches, they had a guitar string under the car dashboard and would twang it to cause ripples in the water. To me, that is cinema at its very best. thething1982-1 8. The Thing (John Carpenter’s The Thing): John Carpenter’s The Thing remake had one of the most terrifying creatures of all time because it could take the form of anyone and make you question your own sanity. The practical effects still look chilling to this day and the eerie groan the creature makes will stick with you long after viewing. 3wkymjc 7. The Balrog (LOTR: Fellowship of the Ring): I feel that The Balrog never gets enough love; I mean, he’s made of fire and has a whip… also made of fire! The Balrog of Morgoth is one of the fiercest creatures in Middle Earth and this particular Balrog is only defeated when Gandalf eventually smote his ruin upon the mountain side. Still, he looks cool and remains one of the all time great movie creatures. I love that when he’s angry he nearly explodes in flames of rage… kinda like me really. medusa1981 6. Medusa (Clash of the Titans): Of all Ray Harryhausen’s creations I had to go with Medusa; it’s funny how in the 2011 remake she doesn’t look as creepy as she did in the 1981 original. The rattle of her tail as she slinks along the floor looking for another victim to turn to stone, put chills down my spine as a child. alien-dome-jaw 5. The Alien (Alien Legacy): I think the Alien is arguably the most terrifying monster committed to celluloid; even now it’s still scary. It has no feeling or conscience; it just eats and kills. The Alien Queen’s battle with Ripley at the end of Aliens is still a franchise highlight. file_196987_8_Predator_1987 4. The Predator (Predator Series): For me The Predator is the coolest creature on the list; his awesome array of weapons and the fact that he has a sense of honour makes him different from every other creature. If you are unarmed, the Predator will not bother with you as it isn’t good sport. Tell that to Dutch Schaefer’s crew… la_ca_1217_the_hobbit 3. Smaug (The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug): “AND. DO. YOU. NOW?” It was only upon my second view of this movie that I could really appreciate how awesome Smaug looks and he’s easily the best dragon ever committed to screen. Benedict Cumberbatch provides his voice which is so utterly perfect; filled with suspicion and rage, when he eventually unleashes his wrath on Bilbo and the Dwarves, it’s jaw dropping. King_Kong_2005 2. King Kong (King Kong Movies): The last time we saw this giant ape on screen was in Peter Jackson’s incredibly long 2005 film. The highlight was Kong taking on multiple dinosaurs in an epic fight scene. Although a fearsome creature, you sympathize with Kong as he is basically just lonely. He is king of the jungle but when he falls for Ann Darrow and taken out of his natural habitat, it’s man who is the real monster. The 1933 original remains the best version because it manages to tell the same story in half the time. Sure the effects are dated by today’s standards but it’s still a total classic. It also has the same outcome. Women, eh? 969925_429816033783629_2010082913_n 1. Godzilla (Godzilla Movies): Well he was always going to be number one, wasn’t he? Although he’s never been scary, he has always been awesome and he has more personality than any other monster. Godzilla is the most iconic monster of all time with THAT roar and his instantly recognizable look; everyone knows who Godzilla is… unless they’re just weird.

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