June 11, 2014

James Gunn Under Fire for ‘Guardians’ CGI

While creeping through Facebook today, I happened upon several comments on director James Gunn’s page. As you know, he is the director of the upcoming Marvel movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ and the conversation was getting quite heated regarding the usage of CGI.

One “fan” commented about Rocket Racoon saying “Not a fan of the cartoon CGI...” to which Gunn responded “If Rocket is cartoony, I don’t know what the hell kind of CGI you’ve seen in your life”.

Another fan commented that Groot could be done with practical effects to which the director responded “As someone who has worked a lot with practical effects, it would be absolutely impossible to tell this story with a practical Groot.”

Surprisingly the conversation continued with the commenter saying “Impossible huh? I would think it would be very possible with creative choices. A computer Groot certainly is limitless. Not sure why an actor in a Groot suit (ha!) wouldn’t be possible, even with a little tweaking with the computer.”

Gunn retorted “Because 1. Groot is not the shape of a human being. 2. Groot is eight feet tall. 3. Puppetry cannot possibly do the number of facial movements that CGI can. 4. Nor the lip syncing. 5. Groot grows. A lot. Like vines and branches and shit.

6. Perfectly realistic eyeballs are not possible with puppetry and they have nearly been perfected in CGI. 7. Etc x 1000.”

Do you guys think there should be more practical effects in the film? Personally I think the effects look pretty decent, despite not really being sold on the film. Also, realism doesn’t really matter in a film with a talking raccoon.

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