June 13, 2014

Netflix Should Bring Back Deadwood!

There are many times when a TV show is cancelled or ends before its time and fans are left with lingering questions. One show that was taken from us far too soon was the profanity filled Western “Deadwood” with Ian McShane on blazing form as Al Swearengen.

The show also starred Timothy Olyphant, Molly Parker, Jim Beaver, Powers Boothe, W. Earl Brown, Dayton Callie, Kim Dickens and Brad Dourif to name a few.

The cast were all at the top of their game but the show belonged to McShane who stole every scene.


Although not filled with action, there was plenty of violence and it had an air of constant threat from beginning to end. It was always more of a character piece with all of these people just trying to make their mark on the world and most importantly survive.

The show creator David Milch talks about the show on the DVD segment “The Meaning of Endings” where he mentions various events that would have happened if it had another season or two.

  • Al Swearengen’s Gem Saloon, once the dark heartbeat of the community would be wiped out by fire, shortly before the town is hit by a flood. It’s rebuilt, but the saloon and its owner never do dominate the town the way they did before.
  • Seth Bullock goes on to become a figure of stature both in Deadwood, then in the territory then in the nation.
  • Calamity Jane buys a plot next to Wild Bill Hicock’s and is buried there 20 years hence, and so forth.

Milch also hoped to introduce a couple of new characters in a fourth season, one of which was based on the sojourning father of John D. Rockefeller who passed himself off as a medicine man who was both a fraud and bigamist. He’d be accompanied by a native medicine man whose tactics were about the same. As it was, it could only introduce a bit of their stories in season three.

All of the characters were larger than life and really deserve a proper send-off; Netflix has been known to bring back shows that were gone before their time so I think they should at least give us one more season of Deadwood and give it the finale it deserves. Perhaps too much time has passed since the show ended but I know if they brought it back in some capacity it just might find an audience.


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