June 18, 2014

‘No Tears for The Dead’ Trailers Are Outstanding

This is my most anticipated movie of the year; thankfully it’s out this weekend in Toronto so I don’t have to wait too long to see it.

It’s from Jeong-beom Lee, the director of The Man from Nowhere so I’m already sold.

Check out this violence filled trailer below and set faces to stunned!






PROLOGUE: Veteran hitman Gon (JANG Dong-gun) receives a mission, which is to target Mogyeong (KIM Min-hee).
The trouble is, he falls in love with her.

SYNOPSIS: Abandoned by his mother shortly after immigrating to America, Gon is raised by the mafia and grows up to become a cold-blooded hitman.

Though usually flawless in taking out his targets, Gon makes a terrible mistake of killing an innocent young girl. A flood of guilt takes over his life and the situation becomes worse when his boss assigns him the job of killing the young girl’s mother. Gon’s new target, Mogyeong, is a risk manager at an investment firm and has buried herself in work to bury her grief. She is completely unaware of her role at the heart of a dangerous conspiracy. Finally, she meets the man who wants to tell her the truth behind the death of her child.

A New Era of Action and Drama: The Birth of Sentimental Action
Lee Jeong-beom is well-known for sequences juxtaposing intense action with emotional drama. He made an indelible impression on both critics and audiences with The Man from Nowhere, but he was not content to rest on his laurels. Instead, he chose to go in a new direction with No Tears for The Dead. He deeply wanted to make a film that could concentrate on the characters’ inner lives rather than building  emotional drama around action sequences as he had in previous films.

To achieve this goal, in No Tears for the Dead, he poured himself into each phase of production. He was present from the first casting and location scouting to the mise-en-scène of every shot in order to completely and honestly capture the emotions of the characters.

The landscape of Lee’s film also plays a huge role in its overall atmosphere. America, where Gon was raised, represents his traumatizing youth and his journey into isolation. It is this landscape where Gon’s psyche is projected on locales that feel desolate and isolated—like the Mojave Desert. The raw power of the action scenes also dominates the screen.

In No Tears for the Dead, intense gun battles and explosions, the likes of which haven’t been seen in Korean cinema, were staged across city streets in broad daylight. Each landscape and each action sequence display a deeper meaning and an emotional depth.
In order to create these intense action scenes, Lee personally studied the methods of U.S. and Korean Special Forces soldiers and experienced handling firearms at an innumerable number of firing ranges. Not content to simply have gun battles in No Tears for The Dead, Lee used grenades and gun flashes to  add variety, while he used smoke and dust bombs to amplify the intensity of action sequences. No Tears for the Dead is the fruit of incredible effort and consideration.


Source: CJ Entertainment

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