June 4, 2014

Potential Villains for a Dredd Sequel

Despite not making a lot of money at the box office, 2012’s Dredd starring Karl Urban was positively received with genre fans.

Most of us were bemused that it flopped so badly when it pretty much captured the spirit of the comics quite nicely.

Urban rightly never took the helmet off which showed a great lack of ego on his part and also really endeared him to fans of the character of Dredd.




There have been whispers of a sequel for months now and a petition even went around for it to get the green light; will it happen? Who knows, but for now we can at least enjoy coming up with a few potential adversaries for a Judge Dredd sequel.


Judge Death: An undead supervillain and is the leader of the Dark Judges – according to Villain Wikia he is also in many ways what Dredd could of become if taken to the most extreme as he too is a merciless enforcer of law, however his version of the law is at odds with that of Dredd’s world and thus makes him one of Dredd’s many enemies.

Death is course at the top of everybody’s list for a Dredd sequel, however I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here and say I’m not sure how you could get him to work in the world of Karl Urban’s Dredd. It really was more of a realistic world, so a supernatural character like Judge Death may be hard to pull off. He’s definitely at the top of my list and I would love to see him finally on the big screen, but it would definitely be a tough one to pull off.


Judge Mortis: Judge Mortis was one of Deathworlds four Dark Judges. He was once a normal Judge but thanks to the sisters Phobia and Nausea he was transformed into the demon he is today. He symbolizes Pestilence and Famine.


Judge Fear: Fear is an imposing figure who wears a black great helm accented with large, bat-like wings. When passing judgement, he opens his helmet’s faceplate and frightens the accused to death with whatever lies within, whilst reciting his catch phrase, “Gaze into the face of Fear!”

Seem a little bit too much like Ghost Rider though…


Judge Fire: This Judge is immersed head-to-toe in ethereal flame. He wears no helmet, and instead has a human skull for a head. He wields a flame-spewing trident. He earned the name “Judge Fire” when he was still alive, after he burned down a school for violating noise regulations. That’ll learn ’em.


The Dark Judges: Judge Death, Mortis, Fear & Fire combined are a force to be reckoned with but it could result in too many villains like several other superhero movies; sometimes one villain is sufficient. I’ve always found the Judge Dredd stories though to be rather surreal and would love a really out-there sequel where we get to see these guys at their weirdest and best.


Mean Machine Angel: A recurring villain in the Judge Dredd comic book series. He is the son of Elmer ‘Pa’ Angel and is a member of the notorious Angel gang. To be fair to Stallone’s interpretation of Judge Dredd, I thought the Angel family were one of the best things about it and Mean Machine Angel was exactly the way I’d pictured him to look. Alas, like every other moment of the film, it was ruined by Rob Schneider. Mean Machine isn’t interesting enough to warrant being the main villain but a supporting role would be cool.


War Marshall Kazan: Kazan is arguably one of the more realistic choices for a Dredd sequel. In the comics he led an attack upon Mega City, bringing the city to its knees with a series of Block Wars, then unleashing nuke attacks upon the city to finish the job. I can totally picture this happening and the Block Wars were already touched on in the 1995 Stallone movie.


Judge Rico: Played with relish and lashings of cheese in the Stallone 1995 movie, Armande Assante clearly had a lot of fun as Judge Dredd’s younger cloned brother. I think this is a logn shot because it’s still so fresh in the memory but I figured he should be on the list as the character is interesting.



Judge Judy: More fearsome than Death, Mortis, Fear and Fire combined; this woman is Judge Judy and Executioner… hey, I’d watch it.


I think we can all agree that Judge Death is the favourite and it would be great to see how he would be interpreted into live action, but like I said, it could be difficult to make it work in the more realistic and gritty world of Urban’s Dredd. So… can someone please give the sequel the green light?


Source: Villains Wikia

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