June 18, 2014

Trailer for Steven Seagal’s A Good Man

It’s been quite a Seagal-tastic week here at TAE and today is no different with the trailer to his new movie A Good Man.

He once again shows zero emotion while speaking and maintains that bizarre accent he’s pretended to have for the past few years too.

The movie is once again directed by Keoni Waxman who has worked with Seagal on several recent projects like Maximum Conviction and Force of Execution.

SYNOPSIS: Alexander (Seagal) is the perfect soldier but when a little girl dies in his arms on a mission in Iraq – he goes off the grid. Sam Huang is an enforcer for the Chinese Triad, paying off his little sister Mya’s safe passage to the US. When the nefarious Mr. Chen sets up Sam to take the fall for murders he committed, he also kidnaps Mya and hands her over to the mob. The now recluse Alexander decides to help Sam get his sister back and wipe out the Triad. The body count rises as Alexander returns to what he does best – killing. But will it be enough for Alexander to be redeemed…

A Good Man hits DVD this August 19, 2014.


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Eoin Friel
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